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The market of iPhone accessories is constantly increasing. While this fact can provide a great creative platform, it can also produce a number of utterly useless iPhone accessories.
Working hard to make iPhone protection as attractive as possible, designers often end up with amazing, but also bizarre solutions. No matter whether they represent bunny ears or artificial hands, iPhone cases in particular have expanded beyond their basic purpose – simple and reliable iPhone protection. iPhone cases have become utilities, toys, collector’s items and even fashion accessories.
Once in a while, case designs can go really far, far beyond any usability. This is a collection of 10 iPhone cases so impractical that they almost need another layer of protection on their own. These cases can’t even fit your pocket, no matter how hard you try. From a 1980s inspired remember-Miami-Vice – retro iPhone case to an iPhone case that replicates a human hand or ear, see our selection of bizarre and useless iPhone cases.
10. Game Grip
Gamers may find this iPhone case useful and it also has a lifetime guarantee:

9. Candies Skate Deck iPhone Case
Yes, if Bart Simpson had an iPhone, we may be sure he would crave for this iPhone case. Make sure you have a helmet on your head while using this thing:

8. Prince Charles Orange Ear iPhone Skin
This is surely one of the most bizarre iPhone cases – no one can really hear you because you are wearing a large, orange, fake ear and everyone knows it’s fake:

7. iMeshi Kani Cover
This highly realistic iPhone case from Japan features a “super realistic and awesome crabmeat” that can even be used as a pen holder when you are not using your pen. A trace of usability indeed, no matter what.

6. Bulletproof Case
The touchscreen of your precious Apple iPhone is exposed to scratches and elements, but with this case the back of your iPhone is protected against bullets by robust steel plating!

5. Omniscient Siri
This creepy iPhone case, developed by SaGa Design and sold by Shapeways, simply forces you to talk to Siri.

4. Rick Owens Rock Case
This is a must for all nature lovers. Modern and prehistoric technology successfully combined!

3. ’80s Retro iPhone Case
Throw your “Best of Roxy Music” CD in, get into your Audi Quattro and feel like Don Johnson felt chasing Miami scum all over the place with this nostalgic iPhone case. Well, kind of…

2. iBooty “Booty Call” Case
While it remains unclear whether the person using this case is making or receiving the booty call, it is crystal clear that you should keep this thing out of business meetings.

1. Hand iPhone Case
Who said iPhone cases cannot mend broken hearts and loneliness?