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black vintage muscle car

1969 Black 2000hp Chevrolet Camaro

Yes, you read it correctly. 2,000 HP in this one. Now, those of you who have heard of Nelson Racing Engines might have already known that the name of this tuning house is associated with projects whose finishing products are cars in which the number showing horsepower is usually larger than the number showing engine displacement in, let’s say, Toyota Prius. Those of you who are a bit more familiar should know that this is not their first Chevrolet Camaro, since they tweaked up a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro to 1,500 HP, which is 300 HP more than in Bugatti Veyron SS. Well, this 1969 Camaro is full 500 HP more powerful than that 2010 Camaro. It was made in collaboration with eGarage and Roadster Shop.

front side view of a black vintage muscle car

Front side view of the Camaro. A true beast

The ultimate muscle car

And it is beautiful. I mean, if you like muscle cars, and you have loads of money to pay for such an upgrade (even though the word “upgrade” here sounds insufficient, to say the least), why would you splash it on one of those retro-looking units produced in this millennium. Go for the real thing, like with this one. That’s what makes it so much better.

Interior view of a muscle car

Stylish Interior. Good job done by the guys at “Nelson Racing Engines”

Under the hood

So, let’s see what they did. The ENGINE is NRE Billet Blackout Series big-block Chevy crate with 572 cubic inches. But it’s also twin turbo. And with an intercooler. And it has dual fuel injectors per cylinder. Fun. It is paired up with 6 speed transmission and 10.5 inch dual disc clutch and the massive power is sent to the road through a Strange 9-inch rear nodular case and 35 spline axles. Its lungs is a 304 stainless NRE exhaust with x-pipe and aluminum radiator with two electric fans. The rims are HRE in Drag Radial tires and there are electrically assisted four wheel disc brakes to help you stop if you get a bit scared.

muscle car engine view

Engine work by the guys at “Nelson Racing Engines”

The Interior

The car is in lovely midnight black with leather interior and air condition.

muscle car instrument panel

Simple and easy to read instrument planel

Oh, yes, should you wish to hear some music you will need a powerful sound system and 1,000 watts in it seem reasonable enough.

Black leather seats

Notice the attention to detail



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