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After several articles about Fuel Efficient SUV’s, not so long ago, unimaginable cars, we have come to the one with the best fuel efficiency. Ford Escape Hybrid has the potential of running exclusively on electric power, so that makes it even more noticeable. Still, fuel efficiency figures are not the only thing to think about when buying a car, so let’s see what this fuel efficient SUV has to offer.

Green SUV shown from the front side

2012 Ford Escape Hybrid shown in Lime here


The first thing that meets the eye is a very high belt line that makes this car look very aggressive and action-ready, and also a very raised hood that is great for practicality, but these two things together are not very good for visibility.

Green SUV shown from the side

2012 For Escape Hybrid Side view

Still these do make this car look great. There are no revolutionary ideas in its design, but square-like shapes almost wherever possible do come with some confidence. Even the headlights are square with a bit of rounded rise of the bottom line towards the blinkers. This rise complements the line the wheels make.

Black Ford SUV view from the front

2012 Ford Escape shown in Black

The front chrome grille is large and it goes well with the rest of the car. Standard wheels are 16-inch, and there is an option of having a moonroof, which I strongly recommend.
So the exterior is nothing much and it brings nothing revolutionary, but SUV lovers will probably like it, since there is nothing ugly about this car.

Green Ford Escape Hybrid shown from the back side

View from the back side


It is virtually the same as the petrol engine version inside packing MyKey parental controls, available Active Park Assist (the technology that helps immensely with parallel parking and is very useful for a big car not easy to see from), 12V and 110V power outlets and Voice-Activated SYNC for hands free phone and audio controls. The leather on the Limited trim model is good and heated front seats are a great option. Driver’s position is good and all controls seem at hand, though it does take a bit to get used to them.

stereo controls in the interior of a car

2012 Ford Escape Hybrid Stereo Controls

Cup holders are good and navigation screen is well placed and big. The car is very spacious and offers enough room for five passengers and their cargo.

Black interior of the ford escape

2012 Ford Escape Hybrid Dashboard

Still, most of the negative things about this car are interior related. The plastic is not of the highest quality, those buttons might seem too much at first, and the whole look is getting a bit dated, but this last thing is a matter of taste after all.

Under the hood

The engine is the same in both trim levels. It is a 2.5 l, 155 hp, 4-cylinder engine paired up with an electric motor with 94 hp and continuously variable 2-speed transmission with overdrive. Regenerative braking option recharges the battery during breaking. Four wheel drive is an option as well. But, one of the best things has to be the chance of driving only on electric power to the speed of 44 mph.

Fuel consumption

This car turned out to be the winner when it comes to fuel consumption, although the differences in this between the cars we presented in the previous articles are not that significant. The fuel consumption is said to be between 30 and 34 mpg in the city and 27-31 on the highway, which is just great for a large and spacious SUV.


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