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The E-Class from Mercedes has long been established as one of the most admired cars in the industry, from its predecessors-such as the indestructible w123 and w124- on. The price reflects this, but paying more for a Mercedes is usually money well spent.

Mercedes e-class in maroon color front view

2012 Mercedes E-class seen here in maroon

Even though general trends in automotive industry have made even Mercedes stop making bullet-proof cars, their reputation is still well deserved. Innovative in any way, reliable and with really meaningful changes in any facelift, Mercedes is a great buy.
The new E-Class facelift is just great as well. Nice design, practical and beautiful interior and ever-improving engines must put a smile on your face.

rear view of a white mercedes e-class cnvertible

2012 White Mercedes E-Class 2-Door Convertible


There are many versions of this car available with numerous differences in design, such as saloon and estate versions, but also convertible and coupe.

different body types of the mercedes benz e-class shown

4 Body types of the Mercedes Benz E-Class

They all look similar, but each with its authentic features. Headlights are not as elliptical as they used to be in w211, but resemble the non-facelifted w212 or C-Class. Fog lights are just great, and the grille is a well known Mercedes large piece complementing the line the headlights make and looking just great. Back lights are a bit more traditional, but still looking OK and exhaust pipes are oval or trapezoidal. The side shows ascending line going from front to back and how they made it look so massive and still elegant is something Cadillac XTS’s designers should look into. They did a great job on the inside, but on the outside E-Class takes the cake.

Mercedes e-class wagon seen here in silver

Mercedes Benz e63 AMG Wagon seen here in Silver


It has been the winning feature of so many Mercedes-Benz cars and this one is no different. It’s well designed, roomy and practical and it makes you feel at home. Depending on the numerous versions and individual choices within a certain trim level, there are many different features to choose from.

Interior view of the Mercedes E-class

Interior View of the Mercedes E-Class

Just some of the options are lovely leather interior, panoramic sunroof, wooden interior, comfortable seats, loads of legroom in both rows, shift paddlers, large and visible media interface, “mbrace” communication system for easier connection with a smartphone, folding rear seats, massaging seats, automatic air-conditioning up to three zones, dual entertainment screens in the back, cupholders for each seat, loads of storage places just about everywhere, active seat bolsters and sooo many more. But the thing that has to be mentioned are optional two additional seats in estate version facing the rear. They are for children, but if need be, they are big enough to carry grownups. So, this can seat up to 7 people, and this makes that 3-zone air-conditioning really useful.
And all this practicality in such a well designed and beautiful place. The designers in Mercedes sure do earn their checks. Everything is accessible and easy to use as well as packed in lovely shape. A truly enjoyable place this interior.

Interior View of the 2013 Mercedes Benz E-350 Sedan

Under the hood

Mercedes engines have had their share of praise over the years. The non-facelifted version ranged from the smallest 1.8 l, 184 hp to huge 6.2 l, 525 hp AMG for petrol engines and from 2.2 l to 3.0 l for diesels. Just to say what I meant by diesel, it had 211 hp, top speed of almost 150 mph, 0-60 in under 7 sec and torque of 398 lb-ft. And this was diesel with great fuel consumption. The facelifted versions have got better engines. Yes, there are actually better engines. The diesel has the same numbers for 3.0 l, but petrols have got 3.5 l V6 with 302 hp, 4.6 l V8 with 402 hp and 5.5 l E63 AMG with up to 550 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque in the strongest version. Even the biggest estate is really quick and easy to maneuver. You also get all-wheel drive option, Pre-Safe collision anticipating system, optional night vision, auto high beam lights, blind spot and lane departure warning systems, Attention Assist and 7-speed automatic transmission. Traditionalists will complain about the lack of a manual, but this has become a standard for Mercedes.

The new E-Class is truly a remarkable car, one of the best we talked about here. Its numerous versions give something for everybody and from sports drivers to cargo carrying owners who will be surprised with the kind of everyday ride they get from this hauler. Still all this comes with a price. The starting MSRP is from just under $50,000 to $91,500, but if you can afford it you will not be disappointed. This is another victory for Mercedes-Benz.


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