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After our previous article about the history of the GT-R and amazing achievements of engineers from Nissan, as well as from many other tuning houses, we felt obliged to present the current version to you. This is what Nissan thought the GT-R should be after it dropped Skyline from its name and became an independent model.

Black Nissan GT-R in motion

Nissan GT-R in motion


Once you see this car, you will never mistake it for any other. It is very aerodynamic, but it still seems very capable for everyday driving through city and country roads. The front is a mixture of a slightly rounded hood and sharply cut headlights, together with the small grille the centre of which tells everyone what you’re driving. Fog lights are very small and narrow and placed rather strangely, far to the sides.

front view of a Nissan GT-R in metallic grey color

Nissan GT-R front view

The side, for me, is the most effective part of this car. It seems more racing oriented than the previous models. The line of the rear window continues from the roof and this is different, since the previous models seemed to look like sedans, even though they clearly weren’t. Still, that feature was much adored, so this change, however lovely looking, might generate some negative feelings among die-hard fans of the old designs. The wheels are 20-inch and they are lightweight.

side view of a nissan GT-R metallic grey

Silver GT-R side view

Even from the side, the back seems massive, but the back view will make those die-hard fans relax. Four distinctive lights are still present, and they look lovely as ever. The wing is small, but perfect, and there are four exhausts that mirror the rear lights between which the diffuser emerges. The back is massive, and resembles the previous models the most.

back view of a blue Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R rear view


This is a racer, so the cabin is driver-oriented. The instrument cluster is dominated by a large tachometer. To the left of it there is a speedometer, and to the right several smaller gauges. The screen is large enough and well placed for reading, and the seats are great for sharp turns, since they will keep you in place regardless of how fast you’re going.

Nissan GT-R Instrument Panel

Nissan GT-R instrument cluster

It is a four-seater, but the back seats are mainly for children, and the trunk is large enough for a high-performance car. There is also a multifunction steering wheel with paddles for manual shifting, and a great Bose stereo system.

Interior of a Nissan GT-R Front seats

Nissan GT-R interior


The engine size of 3.8 l may not seem good enough to compete with the likes of the new Corvette, but it really is. It’s a twin-turbocharged V6 that gives you 545 hp and 463 lb-ft of torque. It has rear-biased all-wheel drive and rear-mounted 6-speed transmission with both manual and auto modes. There is no manual stick shift and some more racing oriented drivers might want it. But the numbers show what a beast this is. The top speed is 196 mph and it takes LESS than four seconds to get to 62 mph.

full size view of Nissan GT-R engine

The engine of the new GT-R



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