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There are only two words needed to describe the 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C: bad ass. Although, that would make for a pretty short article, so we’re going to a bit more in-depth. You may or may not have ever heard of Alfa, depending on how enthusiastic you are about cars, and if this is your first -enter the 4C. With a history rich in racing and high profile sports cars, Alfa makes a stunning return to the US market with its newest production model. How does it measure up? Read on and let us know.


Inspirational Design

The Alfa Romeo 4C first popped on the radar a little less than three years ago as a concept. The concept was this: innovation through style and performance. Yes, somewhat generic, however, taking a closer look reveals just how Alfa achieved this concept. Overall, the car’s design is magnificent. Original and inspired all at once. With performance to match the beauty, this car is one to look out for in 2014.



The body of the C4 makes extensive use of carbon fiber in an effort to keep weight as low as possible. The car is compact, with total length coming in right around 13 feet. The hood is reminiscent of a predatory hawk’s beak, and the headlights fit beautifully into the scheme. The body lines are well accentuated, and flow nicely to the back of the car.


The back of the car ties it all together. With nicely designed taillights and aggressive, yet beautiful panels. Dual exhaust pipes add the finishing touches to this piece, which, in our opinion, far exceeds most of the previous releases by Alfa.



The interior reminds the driver constantly just how dependent this car is on carbon fiber. It’s as if the carbon fiber spills from the body of the car to form the seriously-serious dash and console. The seats almost appear to be a foam-and-composite-lined hug waiting to happen. Not very lush, but minimal and functional, at the very least. The interior fits very well with the overall design of the car.


Performance and Specs

The C4 weighs in at around 2,100 lbs. What that means is this: the 1.75 liter 4 cylinder motor has 240 horsepower, however, each one of those ponies only has to pus around 8.8 lbs, making it extremely efficient. 0-60mph is achieved in 4.5 seconds with top speed limited at 155mph.

Final Impression

What the C4 lacks in performance is more than made up in style and shear sexiness. The car is sleek and flows gracefully, and the performance is not too shabby for the small motor. Priced at around $55k, the C4 is also fairly affordable, however it is limited to only 3,500 produced annually, which could drive the price even higher. All in all, this is a beautiful car with an innovative and original design. Looks alone are enough to warrant inclusion in the discussion of the best cars to be released in 2014.