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Aston Martin is known for producing elegant, expensive cars. The 2014 Vanquish, while both elegant and expensive, is being referred to as “the best Aston Martin yet,” and that is straight from the company’s website. A bold statement, yes, but when you take a closer look and really examine the new Vanquish, you begin to realize that Aston Martin is serious, and may have created one of the most anticipated releases of 2014. Read on and tell us what you think.


Bold Looks, Great Performance

Since the original Vanquish release over a decade ago, looks have not varied much at all in the British automaker’s line. However, like most high-end cars nowadays, the Vanquish makes extensive use of carbon fiber on the body. Building on a design that is tried and true, the designers at Aston Martin simply took their working formula and tweaked it a bit; the result: a new design with roots deep in the classic Aston Martin style.



Building upon the design that has made the company so famous, the Vanquish looks exactly like you would expect. It is a two door coupe, claiming to 2+2 passengers, although the +2 passengers would have to be very small (more in the “interior section”). Changes from the 2013 Vanquish are subtle, if not completely unapparent. However, there is something about the design of this car that is intriguing, almost timeless. The has become famous for producing cars that all look very similar, and as the saying goes “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”


Using aerospace standard carbon fiber, the body of the car is distinct, and the exposed carbon fiber running across the front of the car, down the side and connecting on the back gives the Vanquish a classic supercar feel. Aston Martin calls the design “A masterful blend of art, technology, and craftsmanship,” and we have to agree.



Attention to detail. This is what sets the 2014 Vanquish apart from all others in its class. The interior is an exuberant, hand-made bubble that leaves nothing to be desired. Aston Martin claims well over one-million stitches hold everything together, and nearly the entire visceral surface is covered in leather, Alcantara or some other exotic material. The tiny backseats are really only for looks, however, like the rest of the car, are well crafted and equally beautiful. A word of caution: once you ride in this car, your standards for supercar interiors may never be the same. As mentioned before, this is the standalone feature of the 2014 Vanquish, and rightfully so.


Performance and Specs

The 2014 Vanquish sports an AM11 Gen4 V12 – the most powerful production engine in Aston Martin history. However, when it comes to supercars, the Vanquish’s 565 horsepower and 457 lb-ft torque are a little less than par.  It has a decent 0-60 mph time of 4 seconds, however these specs leave many wondering if the Vanquish is deserving of the “supercar” title.


Final Impression

With two 900+ horsepower cars making their debuts this year, the 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish may leave something to be desired when it comes to your standard performance specs. Be that as it may, those who have chosen to drive the Aston Martins of years past will tell you that it’s no all about performance numbers. One drive, advocates say, will make you forget the numbers associated with horsepower, torque, and 0-60 times. At a little over $280,000, the Aston Martin says “Yeah, I could afford a Ferrari, but I choose to drive an Aston Martin.” And this, my friends, does wonders for the reputation of the car company. There is something special about driving an Aston Martin that makes specs seem a little less important, almost nonexistent. That is why, for many, the 2014 Vanquish is the most anticipated car of 2014.


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