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It has been over three decades since a Corvette was deemed worthy of the “Stingray” name. After such a long wait, car enthusiasts around the world anticipate the release of the “New Corvette,” as Chevrolet dubs it: The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Chevrolet uses the term “New Corvette” because it claims there are only two functional parts left on the entire car that are carried over from previous models. Amidst the rumors of mid-mounted motors and drastically stretched carbon fiber monocoques, Chevrolet unveiled the car earlier this year. Is the new corvette worthy of the “Stingray” title? Read on and find out.


Complete Overhaul

The 2014 Corvette Stingray has been beautifully redesigned. As Chevrolet claims, there is almost no aspect of the car that hasn’t been updated and overhauled. The car still has the classic “Corvette” feel to it, however, and like it or not, change is required for progress. Chevrolet captured the “travel into the unknown” essence that they were looking for this redesign.



The front end of the new corvette has been completely reconfigured, most notably in the headlights. The front of the car is mean and aggressive, more so than any Corvette to date. The added vents give the car a real “updated” feel. The front fenders scream “Hey, its me, I just got a little makeover.”


From behind, it becomes obvious that Chevrolet was serious about redesigning the C7. One look at the taillights and it becomes clear that, although hints of the old design remain, they are nothing more than that and a new sheriff is in town. From the undercarriage comes four large diameter tailpipes, attributing to the new, but classic look. All in all, if a complete makeover is what Chevy wanted, then they achieved it.



Special attention was paid to the design of the interior of the Stingray. The interior of the 2013 Corvette received a mass of customer complaints and terrible reviews online. Chevrolet made it known that they heard these complaints and their answer: red leather and carbon fiber. The all new interior of the C7 addresses all of the major complaints, and does so with in-your-face changes. New dash, new console and new gauges are just a few of the design features on the New Corvette.


Performance and Specs

The new Stingray boasts an impressive 450 base horsepower and 450 lbs-ft. torque from the LT1 small-block V-8 known as the LT1. These specs make the C7 the most powerful Corvette yet, able to achieve 0-60mph in less than 4 seconds. This is accomplished while maintaining 28mpg, a feat in itself. The C7 has the option of a 6 speed automatic or a 7 speed manual -a first for Corvettes as well.

Final Impression

With the new Stingray, Chevrolet wanted to make a statement. There will always be naysayers and those who think the new can never be as good as the old. However, if you open your mind and try to envision what these designers wanted to create, you realize what the New Corvette is: evolution. Like it or not, Chevy made a statement; and that in itself is enough to earn our respect.


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