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If record-breaking, in-your-face raw power and speed is your thing, meet the 2014 Hennessey Venom GT2. The brain child of famed Texas tuner John Hennessey and his company Hennessey Performance, the Venom GT2 is successor to the Venom GT,  which on January 21, 2013, set a new Guinness World Record for 0-186 mph acceleration time of 13.63 seconds. The Venom GT2 is set to deliver even more horsepower and whispers of a top speed of around 287 mph (not verified) are floating amongst other rumors about what the Venom GT2 may accomplish. Read on and tell us what you think.


Extreme Speed, Raw Power

You may call John Hennessey, CEO of Hennessey Performance. a mad scientist when it comes to the art of taking a fast car, completely redesigning and re-tuning it until every ounce of performance has been squeezed out, like half of a Florida orange made into OJ, but the man knows cars. The Venom GT sported a Corvette ZR1 V8 with over 1,200 horsepower. Hennessey claims the Venom GT2 will shatter this, along with a couple of world records.



The Venom GT2 consists of highly modified carbon fiber Lotus Elite body. The most notable change from the Venom GT will be the headlights. Ditching the Lotus Elite headlights, the design team at Hennessey Performance decided on an in-house headlight design, giving the GT2 an aggressive stare, reminiscent of a panther, ready to pounce at slightest indication of fear in its prey.


The hood has also been redesigned without the raised center, and the front fascia reveals an exposed carbon fiber air dam. The roof is now a “double bubble” design, providing more headroom for both driver and passenger. New mirrors grace the sides of the Venom GT2.


Full information has not been released on the interior, however, when talking about Hennessey products, the conversation rarely covers this aspect anyway. Its little brother, the Venom GT, sported a very minimal, non-revolutionary interior and you can likely expect the same from the GT2.

Performance and Specs

Here is where the Venom GT2 shines. It will make use of the same (although highly modified) ZR1 V8. Hennessey claims that this motor will output over 1,500 horsepower. The mid-mounted motor will connect to the rear wheels via either a 6-speed Ricardo manual or a new 7-speed paddle shift transmission. Engineers at Hennessey estimate the top speed at record breaking 287 mph, if confirmed.


Final Impression

Want to own one of these bad boys? Good luck. In the same fashion as the Venom GT (which had a production limit of 10 per year), the Venom GT2 will be very limited, likely no more than 10 per year. The price tag for the Venom GT2 is $1.25 million, and with such limited production, you better sign up now to get one. If you happen to be one of the lucky buyers of this car when it is released later this year, it’s likely that we don’t have to waste another second explaining  to you the amount of bad-assness in your near future.


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