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Extreme tourism is not a new thing anymore. It is a great way to blow some steam and enjoy the adrenaline rush if you are into it. But the notions of extreme tourism vary greatly depending on who you are speaking to. Some think that extreme tourism is renting a speedboat for a day of your holiday, while others  don’t consider it extreme enough if their families don’t dread them not coming back home. So, the ideas for adventure travels vary greatly and there is no way you can ever be on the spot for everybody. We took on this ungrateful task to give you some ideas for a great adventure holidays. Tell us if we were wrong.

a shaft of light in a cave

Cave of Swallows – Inside

BASE jumping in Mexico

BASE jumping is interesting enough as it is. Just ask Felix Baumgartner. This is what he used to do before he decided to do the ultimate jump. If it was good enough for him, it should be good enough for everyone. So, why in Mexico then? Well, the place is the point. Not just anywhere in Mexico, but the place called Sotano de las Golondrinas, meaning the Cave of Swallows. Basically, you will be jumping into the mouth of a cave. And the cave is very, very big. And filled with small birds, as its name insinuates. The freefall lasts about 10 seconds, and the feeling of jumping into a huge cave must be very close to jumping into the pits of hell. Ah, yes, the bottom of the cave is known to host some snakes, just to add up to the adventure. Have fun, brave people.

a cave in a rainforest

Cave of Swallows – Outside

The New Zealand Race

But not just any race. This beautiful country hosts a 150 miles long race that starts at Kumara Beach on the Tasman sea and ends at Sumner Beach on the Pacific Ocean including the Southern Alps and the scenery which you might recognize from The Lord of the Rings. It is divided into three sections- about 87 miles of biking, then about 22 miles of running most of which is over the wonderful Southern Alps and just over 40 miles of whitewater kayaking in the Waimakariri Gorge. You can clearly see that this race is not for everyone, but just for very fit adrenaline junkies. You will be rewarded with a great fun, hard work and amazing scenery. The fastest ones finish the race in about 11 hours, so you can see how fit they are.

a mountain by a lake

Southern Alps New Zealand

Surfing in Tasmania

The ultimate surfing place for the brave ones. We are talking about Shipstern Bluff, of course. This place is very remote and not even close to any civilization, the waves are huge and very violent and you might meet a great white shark there. The place used to be called the Devil’s Point and Roaring Forties form huge waves of freezing water here. Even if you are not this brave, you really should enjoy the video below. On the other hand, if you are a surf-freak, try the ultimate.

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