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Today (September 12) Apple will officially release the new iPhone 5 at the Apple Event at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The specs of the new device have been kept as mysterious as always, but some details have leaked. We list only the most probable and most important ones.

iOS 6

The new iPhone 5 features a significantly revised version of Apple mobile operating system, iOS. The iOS 6 is rumored to feature as many as over 200 new features. The voice-controlled assistant Siri function is improved with Apple’s new Maps app. However, the previously pre-installed YouTube app will not be included due to license issues. This is not a big deal, since Google has just announced a new version of the YouTube app compatible with the latest iOS.


The screen of the new iPhone 5 will probably be larger – while the competitors’ devices feature up to 5.5 inches screens, Apple’s iPhone models remained fixed at 3.5 inches since 2007. In all probability, the screen will be no wider than 4 inches, with more space for the icons while approximately retaining the ergonomical size of 3.5-inches.

LTE Connectivity

The new iPhone 5 is hardly imaginable without LTE (Long Term Evolution) connectivity. The technology of fast data transmission is considered the next big step in mobile networks – with the speed being up to 100 Mbit/s on 4G networks, LTE leaves DSL connectivity far behind. The new iPad 3 is already equipped with this technology, albeit limited to US networks only.

NFC Communication Technology

The near field communication (NFC) is already feature on Sony, Samsung, Nokia and other smartphone models.  The NFC technology can establish wireless connections to speakers, headsets or other smartphones, or it can be even used for payment. Since NFC is now a part of basic equipment of flagship smartphones, it’s very likely the new iPhone 5 will feature the technology.

The New Dock Connector

Apple introduced the dock connector years ago for all Apple devices, but this time it is likely to be replaced by a much smaller connector. This gives Apple room for more changes on the housing and internal components, but also makes all the earlier accessories incompatible with iPhone 5. Apple will offer an adapter that provides as a temporary solution.


New processor for new device has usually been Apple’s politics- while the iPad 3 feature an upgraded version of the A5 processor, the new iPhone 5 will probably boast an all-new quad-core processor.


Still current iPhone 4S model has been available in versions with 16, 32 and 64 GB of flash memory. While there have been rumors the iPhone 5 will boast whole 128 GB, it’s not very probable, reason being 128 GB memory will make the device significantly more expensive.

Of course, we will know more today, when the official Apple event is over, so we will be able to check the veracity of all these rumors pretty soon.



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