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While smoking is not the healthiest thing in the world and it has been steadily banned everywhere since the 1980s – the movies, television, ads, public spaces and even restaurants, it never really stopped being cool. Take a look at the classic movies from the 1930s, 1940s, right up until 1980s, everybody smoked and a cigarette seemed to be an inevitable accessory, much like a cell phone is these days. Of course, exaggerating is always dangerous, but tobacco is generally not more lethal than alcohol is.

Babes Papes Poster

Now, if you belong to those who enjoy smoking, you probably know that ‘rolling your own’ is  a Rolls-Royce of the entire smoking pleasure. However, things can get cooler even than that – a company called ‘Babes Papes‘ specializes in producing the premium smoking papers with filter tips, but the custom designed and collectible ones. ‘Babes Papes’ are made from natural materials (made out of wood and hemp), and they are chlorine-free, so you get a high quality smoking paper with unique design. Take a look at some of their work:

Babes Papes Smoking Paper


Camp Hustle


Fefe Talavera


Bass Club


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