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For a long time many people have been saying that a glass of wine a day is good for health. And, it turns out that they have been right all along. Scientists have found out that some wines are better than the others, so let’s see which ones can serve as best excuses to indulge yourself.

Wine Bottle and Glass

Wine is good for your Health.

First of all, red wines are the best, when it comes to flavonoids. These flavonoids are packed with antioxidants and they are amazing when it comes to fighting allergies, cardiovascular diseases, many different viruses and even fighting cancer.

Pinot Noir Bottle

Pinot Noir has one of the highest amounts of antioxidants.

Which Red Wines are the most beneficial?

Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Sirah. They contain the highest amounts of antioxidants. Other red wines have a smaller amount of antioxidants, but even they are far better in this respect than most white wines.

Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle

Cabarnet Sauvignon contains Flavonoids, a known antioxidant.

Recommended Dosage

This is the most important part. Getting wasted, even when drinking the most beneficial of the wines, is by no means a good thing. So, the excuse only works in limited amounts. These are up to eight ounces a day for a grown man and about half as much for a woman. Not very much, is it? Well, sorry, but higher amounts work as any other alcoholic drink and can present a serious threat to your health.


Professor Roger Corder, a cardiovascular expert, has been studying the good sides of consuming red wines and he has come to a conclusion that most people would benefit from red wine in their diets, in limited amounts of course. He learned that the people who live in certain parts of France, namely the southwest part of the country, have very low rates of heart disease, even though they consume loads of fat in their regular diet. What he found out is that this region is famous for very tannic wines that have plenty of procyanidin which is an antioxidant. In fact, the amount of the said antioxidant in the wines from this region is the highest in the world. This urged him to continue his research in this direction, and the results can be found in his book named “The Wine Diet”.

Wine in Wine Glass

Stags’ Leap Petit Sirah

Final word

Ok, red wine is not the miraculous part of our diet that will keep us alive forever, but it does have very significant benefits that can keep us healthier. On the other hand, consuming large quantities of this delicious drink can seriously impair our health. Maybe the famed Swiss physician and occultist called Paracelsus, a pretty interesting character in his own right, described wine best: “Wine is a food, a medicine and a poison – it’s just a question of dose.” So, take it easy and enjoy a long and healthy life.