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The old adage “Life’s a journey, not a destination” is no where more true than when it comes to driving. Getting there is half the fun, and nothing makes driving more fun than good music.

In no particular order, this is our list of best albums for driving – music for driving and songs to help you get to the destination. Enjoy the music and drive safely!


Blondie – Autoamerican (1980)


Blondie’s trademark eclectic mix of jazz, new wave, reggae, punk and even rap still sounds fresh and daring. Enjoy your ride and sceneries with Debbie Harry’s lovely voice delivering classics such as “Rapture”, “T-Birds”, “Suzy and Jeffrey”.


The Doors – Morrison Hotel (1970)

This classic album seems to have been produced for driving specifically. From the opening bars of “Roadhouse Blues” to the subtle beauty of “Queen of the Highway”, this album is a stunning driving experience.


The White Stripes – Icky Thump (2007)

Icky Thumb

From the playful “Rag and Bone” to the thumping “Icky Thump”, this album simply has it all. Stripped down rock-blues-eclectic- has never sounded so good.


The Ramones – The Ramones (1976)


The Ramones once refined rock ‘n roll back to its most basic structure and infused it with hysterical tempos, earsplitting volume and walls of distortion. Successfully fusing joy and anger, this album is probably the perfect driving album.


Deep Purple – Machine Head (1972)

Huge guitars, pumping rhythm, shrill vocals, some serious workmanship on Hammond – everything hard rock ever had to offer is here. Deep Purple’s best known and best album will turn even an ordinary short city trip into a real adventure. A “Highway star” indeed.

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