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Now this is a great idea by BMW engineers. The race in technology among companies has done wonders for safety and CO2 emissions, but now it seems that they are kind of running out of ideas. Well, of course they are not. It’s just that most of these wonders we can’t see. They are carefully hidden in statistics. Of course those loads of airbags make you a lot safer, but I have never heard a car lover say something like: “I have to show you this car. It’s got 12 air bags”. No, they are always talking about horsepower, torque and great gadgets. Well, this is a great gadget. It’s actually a steering wheel that will make your BMW seem like a Formula 1 racing car, at least for a bit. So, let’s have a look at it. The first thing you will notice is an OLED display at the top of the rim and two additional LED readouts on the sides. After a bit closer look you will see two tiny buttons near the place where your thumbs should be. These are used to control the various functions of the wheel.

LED steering wheel at night

Latest LED steering wheel from BMW

There are three modes of operation. In ECO mode, the display shows you how to drive most economically, and in the end, it shows how well you have done in relation to the average and expected numbers. Pretty useful. But that is not why someone would buy this steering wheel. It’s a nice bonus, but not the reason.

BMW LED steering wheel with lights on

View of the LED steering wheel during the daytime

Sport mode is the second. Here the wheel is a stop watch and it records your fuel consumption. But it also shows the G force, and this is a nice idea. Since G force is something that is measured mostly in turns, it is kind of difficult to see it with the steering wheel upside down. So the engineers in BMW decided to let the score linger for a while when the wheel is back in the starting position.

BMW steering wheel

The Race mode is the most interesting one. It has the lap timer with numerous split-time functions, measured and displayed very accurately. Lap trigger is also very interesting in this mode and it measures lap times, but also 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile times, as well as o-60 mph and numerous others. But for the full racing feel, you also get the countdown indicator, as well as a finish one. The shift indicator is a great idea as well, and this is the thing that actually helps a lot, since you don’t need to watch the rev counter. The LED lights start blinking and you know it’s time for a shift.

In all three modes you can read radiator and oil temperature. It is quite expected, but worth a mention, that the system has a memory option so you can show off in front of your friends who don’t believe what a racing driver you are.

The price of it is about $1,600 so you can calculate how badly you want it.


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