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I am not much of a hotel person, because when I travel I like to meet the people and get to know the culture of the country I’m visiting, so the hotel is a sleeping/eating/spa/swimming pool place only. That’s it. However, staying at the Burj al Arab in Dubai, “the only Seven-Star hotel in the world” might just be worth breaking the rule. If you haven’t been there, here is the quick rundown of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

aerial view of a hotel in Dubai

Burj Al Arab in Dubai – Aerial View

You will notice that I did not write “Seven-star” in the title, even though many people call it that. The hotel is officially rated Five-Star Deluxe – and that is the highest official rating out there – and the whole Seven-Star hype is said to be coming from a British journalist who called it that in her article. The officials of the hotel claim that they have never used this term and that they do not encourage it, but in these global times, once it is out there it is very difficult to remove it. Now that this is settled, let’s get a closer look of the Burj Al Arab.

A luxurious suite in a hotel in Dubai

A suite in Burj Al Arab

First of all, this is the fourth tallest hotel in the world at 1,053 ft. The entire hotel was built on an artificial island near Jumeirah beach and it has its own curving bridge. The entire hotel looks like a sail of a ship.

A hotel in Dubai at night

Burj Al Arab at night

Its construction started in 1994 and it took five years to complete. It has 28 double story floors, 18 elevators and 202 rooms with ultimate luxury all over. The smallest suite has the area of 1,820 sq ft, so you can see how luxurious the whole place is. The prices run accordingly. Depending on the suite you choose, they vary greatly, but all within a five-figure worth of dollars per night. The design of the suites is a great mixture of eastern and western influences with ultimate luxury. Just as an example of the luxury, every room has DUX mattresses. You can even get your own butler.

Luxurious room in a hotel in Dubai

A room at the Burj Al Arab

The restaurants are also amazing. In total there are 10 bars and restaurants in Burj Al Arab, every one with a different feel and offer. Mind you, restaurants have a dress code.

Bab Al Yam

Bab Al Yam

Just getting to Al Mahara, meaning “Oyster”, is a great experience since you come there via a simulated submarine. In it you can find an amazing seawater aquarium whose walls are made of acrylic glass and had to be 7.1 inches thick in order to hold the pressure of 35,000 cu ft of water that is inside. Obviously, here you can eat some of the finest seafood in the world.

Luxurious restaurant with an aquarium in Dubai

Al Mahara – All you can eat seafood

Another restaurant is called Al Muntaha and it gives you the amazing view of the Persian Gulf and Dubai since it is at 660 ft above the sea level and you get there via a panoramic elevator. Its cuisine is European and the dishes offered are very diverse.

Luxurious restaurant and bar in a hotel in Dubai

Al Muntaha at the Burj al Arab

Arabic cuisine is available at Al Iwan. During the day you can enjoy wonderful sea view, but in the evening this becomes an intimate place for a great meal.

Restauran entrance at a luxurious hotel

Al Iwan at the Burj al Arab

One of the best known restaurant features at the Burj Al Arab is called Culinary Flight where you visit a different bar or a restaurant for every drink and course of your meal. You start at the Sky View Bar for a drink, then continue to Al Muntaha for the first course and to Al Iwan for the second one. The third course is served in Junsui and main course in Al Mahara. You can have the desert in Sahn Eddar Lounge. None of these are accidentally in this order and every place offers a special atmosphere.
Some of the architectural reviews were not so favourable since they emphasized the wealth spent for this hotel. The palace like interior as well as its own reclaimed island and the city of Dubai are all examples of wealth over reason and practicality. And the reviewers were right. But, Burj Al Arab is such a place. You don’t go there for a bed and breakfast. This is where you go if you wish to experience the ultimate luxury and indulge yourself beyond any practicality.

exterior view of a 7 star hotel in Dubai

Exterior view of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai



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