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Food and catering industries have come a long way following the overall technology and science progress. Food decorators have developed their skills and turned them into a true work of art. Crafty fingers and a couple of carving knives are all they use in order to carve amazing figures in fruit and vegetables alike. They can carve everything from watermelons to strawberries or even bamboo leaves. They say that it’s a unique gift that takes a lot of time and patience to develop and a lot of fruit gets wasted but the outcome is truly amazing. There are many other service providers that have profited from this: kitchenware producers that make carving knives and other tool sets, publishers and you can even buy step-by-step CD tutorials on the subject.

carved watermelons in the shape of flowers

Carved Watermelons

Eastern Asia, especially Thailand, is considered to be the most advanced part of the world when it comes to his kind of art but it has spread all over the world and today there are even academies that dedicate all of their resources to teaching this unique and sensitive craft to young food decorators.

It is not only plates of food that can be decorated, you can even decorate cocktail glasses and have some real summer fun by creating unique fruit and vegetable garnishes.

Here are a couple of videos showing how far you can get if you invest some time and let your imagination run loose.

Here is a couple of additional tips for keeping your artwork fresh and unspoiled until serving or showing it to your guests:

  1. Use a sharp carving knife because clean-cut fruits and vegetables are more difficult to get spoiled
  2. After you finish carving a shape keep your masterpiece in cold water that you have previously added some lemon juice. Citric acid will keep the fruit fresh and it will prevent it from turning all brown and ugly.
  3. If you’re planning on using both fruit and vegetables for garnishing, try not to mix them before decorating in order to prevent flavors and scents to get mixed up.


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