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To be honest, there is no good answer to this question. Some of these people are true artists, with amazing skills, talent, ideas, social awareness and downright bravery. Others just own some spray paint. So, deciding if all the graffiti is good or bad is an impossible task. However, dismissing this amazing art form because of some who misuse is completely wrong. Not all of them are the same, and […]

Power Rangers? Neo and company have left the Matrix? Streets of Bangkok turned into a ‘Tron’ movie set overnight? Not really, but close enough. Light Emitting Dudes are Jason Paul, Shaun Wood, and Anan Anwar, an international team of freerunners geared up from head to toe with cool LED lights who wandered the streets of Bangkok for two weeks, much to the shock of innocent bystanders. The best shots of this unusual freerunning Bangkok […]

Justin Barber is an American freelance designer who has worked for Behance, Apple and and International Designers Network.  ‘Truth and Lies’ is his series of funny, minimalistic posters depicting the everyday, small lies we  all either say or hear every day. Representing the difference in what we often say but secretly mean in minimalistic and yet highly effective visual form, this series of posters exposes the subtle conversational nuances that […]

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Braun GmbH is a German company famous for its high quality consumer products. One of the key features of Braun has been its stunning design ever since the company’s entry into the market since the 1950s. Some of their designs still look new today and have largely outlived their technology. Take a look at some of the most beautiful designs of Braun in the gallery bellow.

What really makes a super hero a super hero? There may be many different answers to this question, depending on each super hero, but one of the things they all have in common is their outfit. Michael Turner, a designer from the UK, decided to strip the image of super heroes to its bare minimum. Two colours, two dimensions, a cloak, a mask or a sign –  just a glimpse […]

The art of the young Russian illustrator and graphic artist Alexey Kurbatov combines the craft of old masters with the lightness of contemporary art.  Enjoy some of his finest works in the gallery below:

“The Art of Internet Memes” series by Sam Spratt, a young artist from New York, can be best described as “Internet Memes meet Francisco Goya”. The plain, line drawn black and white meme faces can be found all over the Internet – from various ads and funny statements on Facebook to MSN and internet forum smileys and emoticons. Sam Spratt took these well-known faces (inglips/fffuuu, rage guy, troll face, forever alone, […]

Ray Massey is a London-based artistic photographer whose images mostly feature drinks, liquids and hands in unusual settings, either rendered by digital enhancement, body painting or by shooting from uncommon angles. The “Hands” series features human hands, painted and edited to resemble various objects and situations. Ray’s reputation has been established with successful conceptual advertising and exceptional and original final images created for clients around the world.    

The importance of a packaging design cannot be emphasized enough – it is the design that identifies the image of a product and makes it stand from the rest products on the shelf. It is an innovative package we see before we recognize an innovative product. Basic package design features, such as striking images, original, unusual shapes and attractive colors are carefully selected to draw the customer’s attention to the […]

Brussels’ La Grand-Place had an outlandish facelift last month. The greyish, gothic central square of Belgian capital was decorated with 1,800 square meter flower carpet created as homage to African traditional tapestry weaving. Since 1971, Grand Place’s flower carpets are set every two years in August. Hundreds of thousands of colorful begonias are set up in different patterns by volunteers every two years. The carpet designs are planned a year […]