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Have you ever thought about how your favorite company logos seemed to appear in history? If you haven’t, but you’re interested in it take a look at StockLogos.Com. There you can find the original and current version of logos used by some of the world’s leading brands. Some of them haven’t changed their appearance a lot, but some seem to be totally different in numerous ways. Check out how these […]

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Flash photography harms art is one of those “eternal truths” interwoven in the public knowledge to such an extent that (almost) nobody would ever think of checking this. We see the “No flash photography!” sign everywhere, in art galleries, museums, businesses. Museum guards and curators will kindly – but resolutely –  remind us of the prohibition whenever we ignore it, but can flash photography really harm art? Dr. Martin H. […]

You’ve been working your abs hard all winter and now it’s time to take your T-shirt off and show them off to the world. We’ve created a list of (according to the female part of our team) the hottest male tattoos. If you’re a comic’s lover, superheroes are a part of your world. It’s become very popular to have a tattoo representing a piece of your favorite action hero’s costume […]