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Shinji Watanabe is a Tokyo-based Japanese fashion and artistic photographer and film director whose highly stylized photos often represent models in realms of magical realism. Originality and fines modern art simply pour from his stunning portfolio. Watanabe’s photos are true works of art and his dedication to the smallest details is simply amazing. Set on a surreal journey to Shinji Watanabe’s works in the gallery below:    

Ray Massey is a London-based artistic photographer whose images mostly feature drinks, liquids and hands in unusual settings, either rendered by digital enhancement, body painting or by shooting from uncommon angles. The “Hands” series features human hands, painted and edited to resemble various objects and situations. Ray’s reputation has been established with successful conceptual advertising and exceptional and original final images created for clients around the world.    

The importance of a packaging design cannot be emphasized enough – it is the design that identifies the image of a product and makes it stand from the rest products on the shelf. It is an innovative package we see before we recognize an innovative product. Basic package design features, such as striking images, original, unusual shapes and attractive colors are carefully selected to draw the customer’s attention to the […]