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With the implementation of Fuel (Nike’s universal measure of activity; it gives points based on amount of activity), the Nike FuelBand has to be one of the coolest tech gadgets related to health. It allows you to keep track of your activity throughout the day, set and track goals, and share your results. The Word The FuelBand is amazingly simply. Just put it on your wrist, sync it up with […]

Every sports fan knows the feeling of a blatantly blown call. First, disbelief, followed by anger, screaming, shouting, spitting, and avowing vengeance (for those more “emotionally vested,” shall we say). All jokes aside, there have been some seriously blown calls by officials since the beginning of televised sports, and to the teams who suffered the injustices, forgiving and/or forgetting just doesn’t seem to be an option. 10. Hand of God […]

by David Sautter The pull-up is an oldie but a goodie. It has been used since primitive times when we had to pull ourselves up on a tree branch to escape the pursuing lion or bear. It is an all-in-one type of movement and no workout plan should leave home without it. When done properly, the pull-up activates multiple muscle groups while allowing you to conquer your own body weight. […]

There are two characteristics of Hollywood films that are universally accepted as guaranteed ways to attract men: the first, and foremost, is sex appeal. The second, and almost as important, is epic fight scenes. There are literally thousands of scenes that deserve to be on this list; but this is the Top 10, so we had to narrow it down. These are our picks, leave a comment and tell us […]

Marshall is a name synonymous with top-notch quality when it comes to guitar amplification. With the passing of Jim Marshall, founder of Marshall Amplification, a little over a year ago, the company remains one of the top competitors in the amplification industry. Their decision to move into the realm of personal sound amplification, therefore, was not a surprise to many. With the claim “50 years in the making,” the Marshall […]

What is one thing that many Dodge Viper owners have in common? They love to show off the speed of their car. We get that. The Viper is iconic for that very speed, and if those who own one want to show it off, we’re not opposing them. Nonetheless, the past few years have seen the rise of some dark-horse competitors to the Viper, as well as some very powerful […]

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Ask any group of men in the world to compile their list of the hottest women in 2013, and chances are you will get as many different lists as there are men contributing. With so many beautiful women to choose from, this Top 10 was definitely the toughest to decide upon to date. The fact is, men will always debate who is the sexiest woman in the world, and this […]

The next time you are in your local “superstore,” walk over and take a peek at the grilling section, and it will quickly become apparent that there is a new wave of technology sweeping the world of barbecue grills. The technology is called infrared grilling -and even though it isn’t really a new technology at all. As a matter of fact, infrared grilling has been around for years, although it […]

by David Sautter When it comes to the age old question of “Coffee or tea?”, the typical response is coffee. People need that caffeine buzz. It’s like asking if you want a super charged SUV or a hybrid for your next road trip. The SUV gives you the initial boost that you’re looking for but eventually you’ll run out of gas and need to fill up. The hybrid just keeps […]

If record-breaking, in-your-face raw power and speed is your thing, meet the 2014 Hennessey Venom GT2. The brain child of famed Texas tuner John Hennessey and his company Hennessey Performance, the Venom GT2 is successor to the Venom GT,  which on January 21, 2013, set a new Guinness World Record for 0-186 mph acceleration time of 13.63 seconds. The Venom GT2 is set to deliver even more horsepower and whispers […]

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