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With European property prices dropping as the recession bites, European cities are emerging as the place to invest. As European economies stagnate, property markets are also affected. With real estate markets from Ireland to Spain turning from boom to bust, property investors are looking for new safe bets from the UK to Russia. A survey of real estate experts shows that Germany, France and UK are less risky in these […]

Well, it’s not only in your head. There really is something sinister about Mondays. Monday is the only day the stock market is more likely to fall than to rise. The Dow Jones industrial average has been down 10 of the past 11 Mondays, while the two worst days in market history are both known as Black Monday. There is no any particular reason why Mondays are so bad. But […]

Google’s former head of enterprise wants to help promising graduates fulfill their professional dreams in exchange for some of their future income. Is it mad or is it brilliant? Upstart is a new funding platform through which accredited investors can back best college graduates and help them make their way in the world-whatever that way turns out to be. Dave Girouard, mastermind of Upstart, left his post as Google’s head […]

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