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by David Sautter After dragging your body from the bed and slamming down on the alarm clock, there’s a good chance that your morning routine begins with one thing: Coffee. 9 to 5 warriors, which encompass the majority, have a need to stay fully functional in order to enter the battle of paperwork, co-workers, and management. Unfortunately, the daily grind throws them into that familiar slump just around lunch time […]

by David Sautter When we last left off, we discovered that our courageous hero of the concrete jungle (You!) has fought too valiantly for too long and needs a break. It was your humble writer that provided the solution: a Raw Food Detox. You will eat only RAW fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouts, and super-foods for 3 to 7 days. For some of you this is downright terrifying and understandably […]

by David Sautter   The word “detox” is one of the most misused and abused words in the health and fitness world. It’s right up there with “fat burner.” Despite the overflow of products that claim to have a detox effect, the true definition of the word is lost on many consumers. A detox is where the body is able to naturally expunge the toxins that have built up over […]

For a long time many people have been saying that a glass of wine a day is good for health. And, it turns out that they have been right all along. Scientists have found out that some wines are better than the others, so let’s see which ones can serve as best excuses to indulge yourself. First of all, red wines are the best, when it comes to flavonoids. These […]

We all know how that our bodies can get extra sensitive after lunch. There are so many things that can make digestion period very unpleasant. On the other hand some things make us feel good after lunch, we tend to do them often and, after a while, they become some kind of a ritual to us. Here is the list of “don’ts” for digestion period. If you find any of […]

We’ve already discussed cycling in our adventure travel articles, introducing you some great places where you could up the adrenaline levels, such as Tour d’Afrique, but this article is dedicated to cycling only. If you have had enough of the cycling track in your home town, you are about to learn that your favorite activity has so much more to offer. These are some of the most demanding cycling tracks […]

Let’s face it. We like meat. We love it. Almost every widely accepted kind of food has meat in it, usually as the most important ingredient and sometimes as the only one. On the other hand, obesity, however scary and important, isn’t even close to being lonely on the list of the problems that consuming meat carries. So, drowning your face in meat every day is not a good thing, […]

Different experts give us different, and often conflicting, advice on how to reduce the risks of cancer. Pretty often we are left confused because what one expert recommends, the other warns against. This is due to the fact that our knowledge about cancer is still young, but there are some things that we know for sure. These simple and CERTAIN tips can help you a lot in your fight against […]

In our previous Adventure Travel post we gave you some ideas about extreme tourism, where to go and what to do. If fighting sharks, winds and huge waves at the end of the world, crossing Southern Alps on foot or in a canoe, or head diving into the pits of hell wasn’t really exciting enough for you, first of all, you are probably completely nuts, and second of all, read on. […]

Last week we discussed some crazy medical practices throughout history and learned that people used to drink urine, drill holes in their heads an consumed tape worms and all that in order to get healthy. If you thought that was it, you were wrong. There are many other weird and utterly useless cures that kept us ill throughout history.   Cures for female hysteria Ok, this one might actually be pretty […]