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“Death Road” itself should be enough to tell you this is a fun place. And the name does not come from some old legend based on superstition. No, it originates in recent history and, more than anything else, in numbers. Let’s get to know the place. First of all, there are two different routes of the Death Road. The road was under works for about 20 years and the new […]

There are loads of different diets out there and, to be honest, most of them are efficient. They don’t all work for everyone, since we are all different and need a different approach, diet or schedules. But, there are some common enemies to our weight loss fight, the biggest one being disappointment that can lead to a loss of motivation and consistency. That is why setting the right goals is […]

Climbers seem like a kind of a cult. Very often they talk just about that and look forward to every new adventure. The adrenaline rush is a kind of a fix for them and they can’t wait for it. And if you get the chance to meet at least two of them together, forget about speaking about anything else. So, let’s have a look at the places these extreme sport […]

P90X is one of the most popular workout programs out there and it became this in a very short time. Many of its users see it as the best way to get into some serious shape and all this in just 90 days. But, this is not an easy task. Let’s see how this works. First of all, in order to go with this program as it is said you […]

Much too often can you hear people complaining about doctors. Still, medicine is an ever developing science and this is the best of it that we have had through history. Some of the things you will read will make you really grateful you live now and not a couple of hundreds of years ago.   Bloodletting One of the most famous and, surprisingly enough, long lasting medicines was bloodletting. It […]

Maybe you have noticed that you do not always feel the same when you workout. What and when you eat can be a big part of this change and this article can help you with this. This is not the same for everyone, of course, since we all don’t exercise in the same way. But, whatever kind of an athlete you are, food is your fuel and it does play […]

We know that working out is a good thing to do, but we tend to connect its benefits primarily to being fit. However, this is not all. It can actually improve your mood, make you happier and healthier and even improve your sex life.   There’s something for everyone Exercise should be the first thing you turn to when you wish to improve your quality of life. It’s easy, can […]

There is no reason to run away from oil while cooking, provided you use coconut oil and not sunflower, soy, corn or canola oil. All these are omega-6 vegetable oils, and cooking food in them results in creation of various toxic chemicals and, even worse, trans-fats, while frying goes even further, removing the antioxidants and oxidizing the oil. In addition, most vegetable oils are genetically modified. And increased amounts of […]

Well, you are probably not getting enough sleep. Simple as that. And even though you might think that this is not so, you should test yourself. An adult needs between seven and eight hours of sleep if everything is in order. And every time you don’t sleep enough, you end up owing your body several hours of sleep. And we rarely give that back, do we? So time yourself. Allow […]

Green tea is slowly acquiring the fame of a health elixir with its wide range of benefits, such as its role in fighting cancer and preventing heart disease, lowering the levels of cholesterol, weight loss, preventing diabetes and even dementia. That is why has been studied in many labs around the world. These are just some of the things have they come up with so far. Cancer Fighter Although lab […]