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While there’s no really such a thing as an instruction manual for life and especially not for love and relationships, there certainly are things we tend to forget more often than not. Remembering them every day of our life may spare us a lot of trouble and pain and help us get through some more difficult times. This is our list of the most basic, simplest, eternal truths every self-help […]

We all know how complicated it may be to understand one person person only. When two persons fall in love, things get even more complicated – there are two persons and their interaction to investigate and explain. What are the unique traits and needs of one person? What of another? What is the reaction between the two unique, sensible and intelligent beings? We all know from our personal experience how […]

We do hate it, but it happens sometimes. We meet someone, fall in love, sparks are flying, we feel like we have finally found our soul mate, and then it seems that something just clicks and the magic is gone. What seemed so fresh, exciting and pleasant just weeks ago may now seem tiresome and you may find yourself stuck in the labyrinth of a relationship that has to end. […]

In the first article on the female body language we covered some of the basics of the body signals of a woman. The second article of the series dealt more with the body language minutia that can give away woman’s lust, while in the third and final article of the series we are talking about the mixed and negative signals as it goes without saying that knowing the negative from […]

In our first article on the subject of female body language, we have already pointed out that human beings – both men and women – are constantly sending very clear signals on their feelings through body language. These signs are pretty much straightforward once you learn how to decipher them, or, at least, learn how to spot them, which may be to be the same thing. Body language is the […]

Long, long before people learned to speak, write, lie, invented the wheel, money, computers, nuclear missiles and the civilization as we now know it  there wasn’t much knowledge to rely on. Our ancestors from the prehistoric times had to rely on their instincts alone and had to know how to decipher the signs from the environment in order to survive and reproduce. Among the many instincts and secret knowledges we […]

Is jealousy really a sign of true love and caring? Is it true that the passion never fades if you really care?  Terri Orbuch, Ph.D, a Michigan clinical psychologist and author of “5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great” busts these and other common myths and misconceptions that  are usually to blame for all the flawed relationships out there. According to Terri Orbuch, there are hundreds of […]

All relationships in your life – and love relationships especially – always have their ups and their downs, always require some work and getting used to. A relationship is not an easy work, and yet, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a really hard one. In this day and age (though this could also easily be applied to the centuries past), we are somehow conditioned to expect the worst from […]

“What women want?”- it is probably the first question every guy would give everything in the world to have answered – with “What’s the meaning of life?” being second at best. Of course, there are libraries written about “what women want” and we still seem to have not a clue. While this may be simply because every woman is different, it may also be that we just never stopped to check […]

Models: Attract Women through Honesty by Mark Manson stands out from the many books on attraction found on the market simply because it can help you truly become an attractive man not by using tactics or techniques, but rather on self-development.   The book skips logical steps and focuses on the emotional process od seduction instead. You will not read how to impress women in this book with faking, lying […]