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Kobe Bryant, or “The Black Mamba” as he’s nicknamed, is one of the most successful men to every grace the basketball court. His natural ability to find gaps in defenses and make near-to-impossible shots have made Bryant a 15-time All Star for the Los Angeles Lakers. We love his knack for exposing defensive weaknesses and draining the open jump shot late in the game. His playoff heroics have helped him […]

Keith Richards (69) the founding member and guitarist of The Rolling Stones is possibly the ultimate rock star – known for his rough appearance, drug problems and marvellous directness, Keith has always been much more than a Stone. In addition to having written or co-written some of the greatest rock songs ever, including “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, Keith Richards is the guy who inspired Johnny Depp when he was developing […]

The sad news that the co-founder of Reddit and Internet activist Aaron Swartz was found dead in his New York apartment on January 11, 2013 spread across the Internet spurring an outpouring of tributes and sympathy throughout social networking websites. A sad occasion such as this makes us remember the man who did so much to make this world a better place during his sadly short lifetime. (Image via Wikipedia) Early Years Aaron H. Swartz […]

The 20th century having been a turbulent, innovative and exciting age as it was, saw many extraordinary men and many incredible biographies, but if we were to choose one man who perfectly embodies whatever the 20th century was, it would have to be George Orson Welles (1915 – 1985) the actor, director, producer, writer, activist, magician, the man who both succeeded and failed big way, but always carried on with […]

On November 24 2012 it was exactly 21 years since Freddie Mercury passed away from AIDS, aged 45.  However, his legacy still continues to inspire and thrill  music lovers all over the world to such an extent that it seems like Mercury never really left the stage. The albums of Queen are still top sellers and the still untitled biopic produced by Robert De Niro with Sacha Baron Cohen starring […]

Despite the fact that his commercial career took off in the 1970s, in the time when the Golden Age of Hollywood was long gone, Steven Spielberg (66) was possibly the one American director who was able to make the magic of cinema charming and magnificent once again in the following decades when the very cinematic art was slowly but surely reaching its nadir. It might have something to do with […]

The moment he emerged on the fledging British glam rock scene in 1970 with his band Roxy Music, two things were crystal clear – Bryan Ferry was a man way ahead of his time and the artist who can bring the rock music all the style and sophistication it so desperately needed, perhaps even more so than his friend and peer David Bowie.  After eight LPs with ‘Roxy Music’ and thirteen solo […]

Kirk Kerkorian (95) is possibly the richest and the most private citizen of  Los Angeles – he almost never gives interviews, he seldom appears in public and his charitable efforts are largely anonymous. However, his achievements and longevity make him a living monument of the 20th century, the self-made man whose career has covered the most exciting decades of the century and helped shape it. Early Years and First Business Ventures Kirk Kerkorian was […]

Mark Zuckerberg (28) is the father of Facebook, arguably the most popular social networking site in the world, whose estimated net worth of $9.4 billion makes him one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs in the history of the medium and the living example of a successful young man. Yet, there are things about Zuck you probably didn’t know. Zuck is an Atheist Mark Zuckerberg was born in a Jewish family and had […]

Probably no medical doctor caused more controversy in the modern history than the late Dr. Jacob – Jack – Kevorkian, the (in)famous Doctor Death who firmly believed that if patients want to die, the doctors should be allowed to help them die and lived and worked according to his beliefs. The press called him Doctor Death, his supporters called him Doctor Life, the law said what he did was a murder, […]