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One of the most iconic rock stars the world has ever known was born as Paul David Hewson in 1960. Although he was known as Bono Vox (a Latin phrase meaning ‘good voice’) since his teens, there was hardly anything to suggest that this boy from a Dublin’s Northside suburb would dominate the rock scene for decades and become an influential humanitarian and political figure by his thirties. The Early […]

On December 8, 1980 John Lennon, the man whose work inspired millions, if not billions of people worldwide and made a tremendous impact on rock and roll music and the entire culture of the 20th century was shot dead by a deranged fan Mark David Chapman in front of his New York apartment in The Dakota building. 32 years later, the legacy of John Lennon and ‘The Beatles’ remains cherished as […]

Internet is still pretty young medium so it’s no wonder the people who shaped it are usually still under forty and there aren’t too many of them. Some of the Internet guys were driven by their visions and dreams (such as Sergey Brin) while some were driven by ambition and curiosity. The former hacker who once got away with  breaking into a company network only with community service because he was […]

Sergey Brin (39) is one of the world’s most successful Internet entrepreneurs, scientist,  the co-founder of Google, philanthropist and the man whose wealth is currently estimated at  $20.3 billion, but perhaps even more importantly, Brin is the man with vision, courage, philosophy and ethics. It takes a special talent to know what is it that you really want to achieve every waking hour of your life and money and success then come as […]

Before Barack Obama won the 2008 United States presidential election, an African American US president was an occasionally recurring theme in Hollywood movies and television shows, often set in far future – most notably in the 1972 ‘The Man’, the 1997 ‘The Fifth Element’, the 1998 ‘Deep Impact’ and others. It seems that Barack Obama’s victory in 2008 announced that the future had arrived and that the African American president can now be […]

Back in 2009, AskMen named Don Draper, the leading character of the AMC’s television series ‘Mad Men’ the most influential man in the world. If it doesn’t take to live in the present time – or to be real at all – to become influential and successful, then what does it really take? Most of us have wished at least once to have been able to change their identity, bury […]

When a man is a big rock star, one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time (who incidentally, designed and built his own guitar in his teens), is the author or co-author of several No. 1 hit singles, has a PhD in astrophysics, was appointed CBE by the Queen of England, has millions and an asteroid named after him and still remains a shy, down-to-earth gentleman concerned about the […]

Muscles and bravado that could humble even Chuck Norris, broad German accent and warm smile are all traits of the guy who came from a small Austrian village to become Mr. Universe, action movie star and eventually the Governor of California. The secret of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stellar career lies in strong determination. Born to strict, patriarchal and poor parents in rural Austria, Arnold spent most of his time exercising, knowing […]

Johnny Depp (49) is one of those rare actors in modern cinema whose mere presence in a movie guarantees a unique, high-class entertainment. While he is best known for the quirky characters he played in numerous Tim Burton movies, often starring alongside another great movie personality, Burton’s wife Helena Bonham Carter, as well as the marvellous performance and characterization of Captain Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie series, Depp is privately […]

The desert plain near Roswell, New Mexico, the place where the reported UFO crash took place in July 1947 and where the ufology was born has just earned the new place in history, thanks to Felix Baumgartner, the man who set the world record for skydiving an estimated 128,000 ft, reaching an estimated speed of  834 mph, or Mach 1.24, on October 14, 2012. Felix Baumgartner (43) was born in Salzburg, Austria and has […]