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The subject of the world’s strongest alcoholic drinks is interesting on several levels. First and foremost, almost nobody ever bothers to read the label on the bottle, especially not the tricky small letters, so if you stumble upon one of these super-alcoholic drinks, the fun may go way over the top. Reading the label afterwards may be all too late. So, take this article as a kind of a cautionary […]

How many times have you seen a sad girl stuffing her face with ice-cream or some fat filled meaty food? We do it as well, don’t we? It’s just that we get some liquor and get wasted as well so the focus remains on this, but it’s not really true that we become vegans after, let’s say, being dumped. We tend to stick to this. And, those things may make […]

Is there such a thing? Vegetarians would frown upon such a question, but in order to have your opinion acknowledged you need to see both sides, and people who don’t eat meat can’t really talk about its taste, right? When you tell them this they often tell you that they “have, of course tried meat, and they don’t like it”. Remember the first time you tried whiskey? I bet you […]

The German-owned Austrian supermarket chain ‘Billa’ has recently made an odd decision to sell pre-peeled bananas wrapped in plastic. What ensued was a genuine public uproar that forced the executives of ‘Billa’ to apologize and pull the repackaged bananas from their shelves. The online uproar was perhaps even bigger as they have also deleted their Facebook page. Large corporations are usually not very environmentally friendly, but Billa’s move was really […]

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The taste of Cupid Manor is terrific, but it’s not what you might call a drink for a man. This time we’re giving you an idea how to pleasantly surprise your sweetheart. They say that taste of Cupid Manor has the same effect of the Cupid’s arrow, and if you take a look at the ingredients you’ll get the idea why. Cupid Manor is made of fresh strawberries, mint, squeezed […]

Lebanon, as most of the Mediterranean countries, has been a melting pot of various cultures, languages, and all sorts of influences, all of which have left  their mark on the country’s cuisine. Continuing from where we left off in our first article, we bring more Lebanese dishes, this time with deserts and drinks. Manakish Manakish is possibly the most popular food ih Lebanon. It is similar to pizza, as it is […]

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Is there anything more instantly recognizable as Russian and yet enjoyed all over the world than vodka? Even the word came from Russian unchanged (‘vodka’ means ‘little water’ in Russian). It is one of the world’s most popular hard liquors, enjoyed both straight and in cocktails, with and without various flavors. Origins of alcoholic drinks are usually unknown and vodka is no exception to this. Some sources claim vodka was born sometime in the 9th […]

While debauchery and excessive behavior may appear to be something of a hobby for celebrities, there were and there are celebrities who completely abstain from drinking alcohol.  Some of these famous nondrinkers previously used to be heavy drinkers who ended up in rehab and quit afterwards, while some have been sober for their entire lives. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have other vices, but alcohol is definitely […]

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean corner on the crossroads between the Mediterranean basin and the Arabian hinterland, the junction of the ancient trade roads, the smallest country of continental Asia has been a melting pot of various cultural influences for centuries, which is also reflected on the country’s national cuisine. Similar to other Mediterranean cuisines, Lebanese dishes are healthy, spicy, tasty and colourful. Dairy products are less prominent than in […]

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Sake (also spelled saké or saki) is the Japanese national liquor and one of the instantly recognizable symbols of Japan in the West. It is commonly referred to as the ‘rice wine’ in the Western countries, although sake is more similar to beer, as both drinks are made through brewing process. The earliest reference to sake dates from the 3rd century AD, but the origins of sake are unknown. What […]