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If you are into extreme sports and have tried many of them, why not go for one of the most extreme ones? In order to be a participant here you will need to have all fear generators removed from your brain and still be a bit crazy. The Dakar Rally is not exactly a rally, but an endurance rally raid. The race is open to amateurs and professionals, which means […]

Ok, not everyone likes sports, but being at a big stadium with loads of people watching something the whole world pays attention to is a great experience for everyone. Looking around you and feeling the unity among the fans usually puts a smile on faces of even the most bored people. And it doesn’t mean that there have to be loads of people. Players of any basketball team that were […]

I have never heard anyone who has tried skiing say they don’t like it. This is one of the activities that grabs you completely and before you know it you are a ski junkie. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every skier is good at it. No, some people are too afraid to do any high-speed runs even years after they started skiing, or they simply enjoy more relaxed forms […]

Making any kind of good top ten list is an impossible job. Depending on the topic, it can be more or less difficult, but in sport, there is one thing that makes it even more difficult. And it’s not just because this is highly subjective. The sports themselves change a lot, and it is not easy to predict if a player from the past would adapt well to the current […]

A strike in 1992, then a lockout in 1994 with 468 games lost including the All-Star Game. Since the problem progressed steadily in 2004 another lockout occurred, but this time going even further and resulting in cancellation of the entire season. If the trend is to continue we need to wonder what will happen this time. Every time the money was the issue. Which is understandable, isn’t it? So, should […]

Whatever name you prefer, this is one of the most popular sports in the world and with growing popularity in the USA. For a long time it was put aside in the USA due to its low results and frequently occurring draws, which were not very popular features. But, the magic of it is surpassing the unpopular features and making people realize that there is more to the game than […]

Recently NBA has decided to try and put a stop to flopping in basketball. Flopping is an American expression for when a player attempts to deceive the referee and convince him that the opposing player has committed a foul, when there in fact hasn’t been one. Football already punishes simulators.  Yellow card is the least you can get when your acting skills are not good enough, but, since the sport […]

One of the biggest rivalries in sport is at hand again. Barcelona and Real Madrid are playing their third match since the summer break on Sunday October 7th at 7:50PM CET. The two teams are meeting at Camp Nou. They are considered to be the best two teams in the world at the moment, and we are graced with the opportunity to see their clashes relatively often due to the […]

Maybe it was time someone started paying a bit more attention to flopping, but the witch-hunt that is on at the moment may be a bit too much. Floppers have been known to use their ‘’skills’’ to turn some games, and last season talks about that became ever-present. David Stern recently commented that flopping was used to fool the referees and that it was not a legitimate play in his […]

After three rivalries in football (soccer), we move to American football. The NFL is one of the most watched competitions in the world, and especially so in the USA. There are many different opinions about which the biggest rivalry there is, but the one you most hear about is Cowboys-Redskins. The forming of the Cowboys is what actually started the rivalry before the team even existed, since it was a […]