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Whatever name you prefer, this is one of the most popular sports in the world and with growing popularity in the USA. For a long time it was put aside in the USA due to its low results and frequently occurring draws, which were not very popular features. But, the magic of it is surpassing the unpopular features and making people realize that there is more to the game than […]

Recently NBA has decided to try and put a stop to flopping in basketball. Flopping is an American expression for when a player attempts to deceive the referee and convince him that the opposing player has committed a foul, when there in fact hasn’t been one. Football already punishes simulators.  Yellow card is the least you can get when your acting skills are not good enough, but, since the sport […]

One of the biggest rivalries in sport is at hand again. Barcelona and Real Madrid are playing their third match since the summer break on Sunday October 7th at 7:50PM CET. The two teams are meeting at Camp Nou. They are considered to be the best two teams in the world at the moment, and we are graced with the opportunity to see their clashes relatively often due to the […]

  It is a great reason for pride when the team you support is very successful even beyond the borders of the country and when any opposing side in the fixtures against your favorites dreads the clash. If this lasts for years, the team becomes something like an institution, notable players from the team’s history become legends, and most of the inhabitants of the city the club comes from show […]

Last week we kicked the series off with the Spanish El Clasico, bringing to you one of the biggest rivalries in today’s sports. But the one for today has been in top three of every football rivalry list ever made, and topped most of them. It’s the so called Old Firm rivalry. There have been rivalries of more successful clubs, bigger clubs, richer clubs, but this one is probably the […]