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If you are one of the lucky ones who have already seen most famous tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, or the Statue of Liberty, you might be after something else. Here are some places that you could visit and brag about when talking to your friends. You will be able to say that you visited them before they were famous. If you are a hipster, this is a […]

The most famous beer in Ireland is actually one of the country’s most famous features. Since the first time it was brewed, back in 1759, it has been one of the things you have to try if you end up in Dublin, Ireland. And the smart Irish have used this perfect blend of ingredients to build a huge tourist hype around it. Guinness is one of the most famous beers […]

Extreme tourism usually requires some fairly expensive equipment, or at least loads of preparation, but the Spaniards have invented one of the most dangerous tourist attractions in the world and all you need for it is – well, you actually need nothing. You especially don’t need common sense or even the instinct for survival. Apparently, in Pamplona, during the Feria de San Fermin, you can run with the bulls at […]

In our previous article we introduced the longest continuous railway line to you. It is in Russia and it spreads through almost 6,000 miles of railways that go through some of the most beautiful and varied scenery in the world, as well as through some wonderful historical cities. This is a short description of the cities you might enjoy along the Trans-Siberian route, mainly for their architecture, natural beauties around […]

The Russian Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest continuous rail line on the planet, stretching to nearly 6,000 miles of the Russian landscape. There are numerous ways you can enjoy this ride, from just staring at the vast countryside to pleasant conversations with all kinds of people, from the locals to adventurous world travelers. But you don’t need to choose between these two ways of travelling since you will have enough […]

(Images via CNN Travel) If you have been in some of the world’s best hotels already, maybe some of them have bored you already. This is a list of the new hotels in Asia you should be able to visit by the end of this year. Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea Even though there are no certain dates yet, this pyramid shaped building’s construction that started in 1987 is supposed to […]

Anyone who knows anything about Europe should visit Prague. This is a magnificent city. The capital of Czech Republic has existed for over 1,100 years and during its history it even used to be the capital of the Holy Roman Empire for a while. It was also a very important city for the Habsburg Monarchy and it became the capital of Czechoslovakia after World War I. It had a very […]

Aviophobia is more than present. Some estimates show that about 40% of people are afraid of flying and that some 10% do not fly at all due to their fear. A common cure is to get a couple of drinks. But, beware not to turn into a drunken guy who’s screaming that the plane will crash and fighting stewardesses. People tend to frown upon that. Also, you might end up […]

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We have already told you about some cities in the world in which little things like coffee can cost up to about $15. There you should really pay attention to what you’re ordering as well as how much money you have on you when you pop out for a drink. The first three we talked about were Sydney (but Brisbane is pretty close as well), Australia, Moscow, Russia and Venice, […]

We’ve already discussed cycling in our adventure travel articles, introducing you some great places where you could up the adrenaline levels, such as Tour d’Afrique, but this article is dedicated to cycling only. If you have had enough of the cycling track in your home town, you are about to learn that your favorite activity has so much more to offer. These are some of the most demanding cycling tracks […]