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After several articles about the adventure travel destinations all over the globe, we decided to localize things. You’ve already learned what you can do in Mexico, New Zealand and Tasmania, as well as in Bhutan and some African countries. We talked about the Death Road, the Dakar Rally and the shark infested beaches, but now it is time for some great adventure ideas for the USA territory.   Bobsled For […]

When you go travelling you usually worry about the cost of such things as hotel accommodation and transport. But the standard of living in certain countries can play a major role in your holiday budget plans. For example, if you are a beer man and you plan to have several too many every day while on holiday, the price tag of about $7 per drink can play a big role […]

In our previous article about the places where you can find loads of sharks and maybe even go for a dip we told you about Gansbaai, Kosi Bay and New Smyrna. Now, for all you who don’t live close to those three places, but still have the need to spend time close to those huge killing machines, we continue our countdown. If you are an adrenaline junkie and a nature […]

In our previous Adventure Travel post we gave you some ideas about extreme tourism, where to go and what to do. If fighting sharks, winds and huge waves at the end of the world, crossing Southern Alps on foot or in a canoe, or head diving into the pits of hell wasn’t really exciting enough for you, first of all, you are probably completely nuts, and second of all, read on. […]

Extreme tourism is not a new thing anymore. It is a great way to blow some steam and enjoy the adrenaline rush if you are into it. But the notions of extreme tourism vary greatly depending on who you are speaking to. Some think that extreme tourism is renting a speedboat for a day of your holiday, while others  don’t consider it extreme enough if their families don’t dread them […]

“Death Road” itself should be enough to tell you this is a fun place. And the name does not come from some old legend based on superstition. No, it originates in recent history and, more than anything else, in numbers. Let’s get to know the place. First of all, there are two different routes of the Death Road. The road was under works for about 20 years and the new […]

Sharks have been a fascination for the humans for a long time. Many real-life stories, movies and pictures of close encounters put the fear of sharks deep in our bones. Still, statistics show that you are highly unlikely to get attacked by a shark. The International Shark Attack File (yes, there is actually such thing) gave us the information that more people die from bees and wasps than from shark […]

If you are into extreme sports and have tried many of them, why not go for one of the most extreme ones? In order to be a participant here you will need to have all fear generators removed from your brain and still be a bit crazy. The Dakar Rally is not exactly a rally, but an endurance rally raid. The race is open to amateurs and professionals, which means […]

I am not much of a hotel person, because when I travel I like to meet the people and get to know the culture of the country I’m visiting, so the hotel is a sleeping/eating/spa/swimming pool place only. That’s it. However, staying at the Burj al Arab in Dubai, “the only Seven-Star hotel in the world” might just be worth breaking the rule. If you haven’t been there, here is […]

Climbers seem like a kind of a cult. Very often they talk just about that and look forward to every new adventure. The adrenaline rush is a kind of a fix for them and they can’t wait for it. And if you get the chance to meet at least two of them together, forget about speaking about anything else. So, let’s have a look at the places these extreme sport […]