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This is our fourth article about the amazingly strange laws, and the third one about them in the US, the previous article about weird and crazy laws in the USA (Part 2) was telling you to keep your cool when confronted to striped-suited men, keep your sink filthy, put gorillas at the front seat and so much more. Now we move on with our list. If you missed the first post […]

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Bungee Jumping is a form of adventurous sport that started as a rite of passage for the young on Vanuatu’s Pentecost Island, but its adrenaline packed nature soon acquired it a following in the modern times as well. I have never heard anyone say that bungee jumping left them indifferent. They either scream for their mommies and change their underwear right after they are pulled up, or they inflate their […]

After the previous article on Ridiculous Laws, in which you learned the power of law that can alter basic postulates of maths, bring to order elephant parking in Florida, distinct pickles from non-pickles and do so much more, we continue our mission to make all US travelers law-abiding. Here are some other strange laws that still exist in the USA.   Kansas In Kansas you aren’t allowed to throw knives […]

After several months of hard work winter comes and brings cold weather and snow. Sure it does look nice when there is snow for Christmas, but going through perils of our daily chores with the additional problem of freezing weather and filthy slush does not really constitute everyone’s dreams. When we think of winter we tend to remember how lovely everything looks from the inside our warm and clean living […]

In our previous post about funny and crazy laws we discussed some hilarious products of legislature from around the world and ended with a funny one from Cleveland thus introducing you this article. Now we shall see what funny ways to get arrested still exist in the US. We ordered them alphabetically according to the name of the state they are enforced in. Have fun and be warned.   Alabama […]

Some cities in the world are on everyone’s to-visit list, and it is no surprise that Paris is the most visited city in the world, what with its amazing architecture and charm, but also its museums, history and the people. Even old French cars in mint condition which are still very present on the streets of this city give it a special charm. Also, having sights like the Eiffel Tower, […]

Deciding where to go for a holiday isn’t very easy. And if you go on the internet or to a travel agent they always put a highlight on what you can do and what you can see. But for most people, holiday is a time of rest and all those sights would be great as a side thing. They just want to relax and think about nothing and, when they […]

Greece and the area around it is a well known tourist destination and there are numerous reasons for this. First of all, the history is unmatched by any other place. Ancient Greece was the root of all civilization, art and literature were blooming here, as well as architecture. This is the place where democracy started, as well as the Olympic Games. But it was also a strong nation, with several […]

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is almost synonymous with scuba diving. With up to 3000 separate reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 1600 miles over the vast area of over 130000 square miles, crystal clear waters and rich marine life, the Great Barrier Reef is a heaven for real underwater adventures. Australian cameraman Josh Jensen and photographer Liz Harlin joined forces to create Undersea Productions and present the […]

Yeah, sometimes common sense just isn’t enough. People who make it their daily routine complaining about ridiculous speed limits, or high sentences for owning pot would stand at awe before these wonders of legislature. The only thing funnier than these laws might be coming up with the reasons for their existence. Singapore Imagine standing in the streets of Singapore admiring the beauties of the city with your mouth wide open, […]