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The next time you are in your local “superstore,” walk over and take a peek at the grilling section, and it will quickly become apparent that there is a new wave of technology sweeping the world of barbecue grills. The technology is called infrared grilling -and even though it isn’t really a new technology at all. As a matter of fact, infrared grilling has been around for years, although it has seen a recent spike in popularity due, in part, to manufacturers like Char-Broil. There seems to be an even split of those who like infrared grilling and those who despise it. Read on and leave a comment to let us know where you stand.


The Word

Infrared grilling is actually a pretty simple concept. Rather than using hot air to cook food by convection, infrared grills use radiant heat. This means the grill heats up and cooks much faster than conventional charcoal or propane grills. Infrared technology allows you to sear food almost instantly for a unique taste experience. Proponents of the process claim that infrared grills provide more consistent heat, no flare ups, and quicker searing (locking in juices) of meat. Those who oppose claim the bulky size, high price tag, and lack of true “low” temperature settings are a few of the reasons¬† they prefer traditional grills.

The Specs

The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared line of barbecue grills are available in several different size packages, each offering different options. The “Patio Bistro” model looks similar to the small charcoal “deck” grills of times past, but are 100% infrared. There is also a line of larger infrared grills: the T-22D, T-36D, and T-47D. The T-22D is smallest of the three, and doesn’t come standard with extra infrared burners. The T-36D is the most popular, with 500 sq. inch primary cooking space, a 180 sq. inch secondary cooking space, and an infrared side burner. The T-47D is the largest and has the most features. With over 900 sq. inches of total cooking space, 3 or 4 infrared burners, and an appliance cart design, the T-47D is the ultimate man-grill in the TRU-Infrared line.


Char-Broil also offers the Grill2Go, a small, portable infrared grill with 200 sq. inches of cooking space. This little grill still puts out 9,500 BTU of heat to ensure that the grilling experience remains a good one.

Final Thoughts

There’s no better feeling than being in good company with the grill fired up and cooking your world-famous (at least in your world, and that’s all that matters) recipe meat-of-choice. However, some of our readers are more barbecue-savvy than others, and some of us are just plain terrible with the grill. Be that as it may, infrared grilling technology makes the whole process much easier, almost fool-proof. If you can get past the price tag and have enough space to put the infrared grill, grab one up, and soon you will be barbecuing like a pro in no time.
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