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Quite possibly one of the coolest innovations in an industry that, for the most part, has been unchanged for the last 50 years. Sure, big breweries have tried to lure customers back in with flashy label changes, new lines of beer (which, coincidentally, usually seem to be the same old product repackaged), and, of course, who can forget the invention to end all inventions (sarcasm intended), the vented aluminum can? Well, with the reintroduction of craft breweries over the last two decades, more and more consumers are demanding more from the industry as a whole. This has sparked Corkcicle, who is famous for their icicle-shaped wine chilling device, to move into realm of beer; and good thing, because, honestly, there is much room for innovation and very few taking on the task.


Cold Beer, Right to the Last Drop

While not all beer is intended to be consumed chilled, many prefer their beer to be cold, especially in the United States. However, many of the activities associated with consuming beer take place outdoors, and during summer, keeping your beer cold can be a tough task. That’s where the Chillsner takes over. The space-age icicle design fits right down into your beer bottle, and, assuming you followed the instructions and froze the Chillsner ahead of time, keeps your beer cold, no matter how hot it gets outside. It features a freezer gel core, although, the center is hollow to allow ice cold beer to flow right through the interior and into your over-heated body.

As you can see in the video above, the Chillsner is extremely easy to use. It is a very creative product, and has gained many positive reviews online. If you have ever wondered when technology would push past the regular old  foam/rubber “koozie” for keeping beer cold, you can rest assured that day has come.


Is it Worth the Money?

At just $29.95 for a pair of this year’s most clever product when it comes to keeping your breski cold, we have to say it most certainly is. Many reviews online claim that if your beer is already cold, simply use the Chillsner to keep it that way to counteract the temperature outside as well as from your hands, and you use the same Chillsner for multiple beers. So, next time your are tailgating, sitting on the beach, grilling, or partaking in any other outdoor activity while drinking a cold one that winds up being not-so-cold, just remember, we showed you the perfect solution. Now go get a pair and tell us what you think!


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