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Is there a better and more lasting way for a company to advertise its products or services than to build the headquarters in the shape of what it sells? The results can be more or less artistically successful – at times even ridiculous – but the originality of the idea can”t be denied.

The Phoenix Financial Center, Phoenix, Arizona AKA The Punchcard Building

The Punchcard Building

The Punchcard Building is an example of those lucky coincidences that sometimes happen in life. Its narrow windows were designed to lower the effect of the hot Arizona Sun, but the building does look like a punchard and the Phoenix Financial Centre pioneered use of the early punchcard computers.

The Bulldozer Building of United Equipment Company, Turlock, California

United Equipment Company, Turlock, CA

It goes without saying that a company that sells and rents heavy equipment will build its headquarters in a shape of a giant bulldozer.

The Highboy Building of Furnitureland South, North Carolina

Furnitureland South Highboy Building

The largest furniture retailer in the world simply deserves the largest tallboy ever built to adorn its headquarters.

The Four Cylinder Building of BMW Headquarters, Munich, Germany

BMW Headquarters

Headquarters of BMW, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world has a four cylinder shape.

The Basket Buildin of The Longaberger Company, Newark, Ohio

The Longaberger Company Headquarters

Newark’s Longaber is a famous manufacturer of maple baskets, so it comes naturally the company’s headquarters building is shaped like an enormous basket.




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