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Anyone who knows anything about Europe should visit Prague. This is a magnificent city. The capital of Czech Republic has existed for over 1,100 years and during its history it even used to be the capital of the Holy Roman Empire for a while. It was also a very important city for the Habsburg Monarchy and it became the capital of Czechoslovakia after World War I. It had a very significant role in the Protestant Reformation and both World Wars. All that time it was also a cultural center and many of its cultural sights were considered very important by everyone so they survived the turbulent times of the 20th century. In fact, they are so prominent that the center of Prague was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1992. There are numerous museums, theatres, galleries, but also many modern features mixed with amazing architecture. The history of Prague makes it one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world with more than 4 million foreign visitors a year. In fact, in 2011, it was the 6th most visited city in Europe.

view of the Prague Castle at night time

Prague at night – View of the Castle

Corrupt Tour

So, you can imagine what a wonderful place this is. However, this is a bit different tour. Maybe people have grown bored of regular sightseeing so this revolutionary idea has many followers. This tour is called the “Corrupt Tour”. In fact, this is the name of the tourist agency that takes visitors through the sites of Prague that present monuments showing the result of corruption and bribery.

view of a square in Prague during winter

Colourful Prague in winter

The founder Petr Sourek says that “The idea was to reverse the usual situation wherein corruption feeds on business by creating a business that uses corruption as input”. And the way to do this was presenting it blatantly and ironically. The Czech Republic is a country where corruption is blooming, with researches showing that most people believe that the corruption has become an integral part of the business and that you can’t go around it, so this business is very unlikely to run out of material.

view of an old Church and surrounding buildings in Prague

Amazing architecture of Prague

Safari Tour and more

For example, you can go on a “safari tour” that shares the idea of Hollywood’s tours of the homes of the famous people, but here you can see the homes of businessmen and politicians involved in corruption affairs, such as the man who is said to take a piece of cake from every transport ticket sold. “Corrupt Tour” calls these people “nesting birds” and their homes “nests” and the whole register is jocular. Here the guide will warn you to be quiet so as not to disturb the nesting birds, in fear that you might be attacked by a dominant male.
You can also “see” the non-existing building that almost 600 companies sign as their headquarters and really see the university that can give you a degree in less than a year if you are kind enough to exchange certain amounts of money for it, as well as a senseless funicular that was heavily overpaid.
So, there you go. Apart from many historical sites and museums, amazing architecture, loads of great beer and the beautiful atmosphere that Prague has to offer, you can also enjoy this unusual and hilarious experience. We really recommend this.

Final Thoughts

Maybe they said it best at the Currupt Tour Website:

“We are offering something entirely unique in the history of tourism.
Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon but most people do not know what it looks like. At CorruptTour we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive range of corruption experiences.
The modern day traveler wants choice. For this reason we offer a selection of corruption packages that includes the opportunity to visit various popular destinations while experiencing first-hand a wide range of corrupt businesses as well as the leading practitioners of corruption.
We aim to give you the most value for your money, an entertaining day filled with adrenaline and adventure. We are confident you will find the tour that is perfect for you and at the right price.
Your CorruptTour Team”