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The taste of Cupid Manor is terrific, but it’s not what you might call a drink for a man. This time we’re giving you an idea how to pleasantly surprise your sweetheart.

Cupid Manor

They say that taste of Cupid Manor has the same effect of the Cupid’s arrow, and if you take a look at the ingredients you’ll get the idea why. Cupid Manor is made of fresh strawberries, mint, squeezed lime juice and the premium Polish Belvedere Vodka, all topped with champagne.

Belvedere vodka

A taste of Cupid Manor is as divine and passionate as its reddish color, but only a look at it is enough to know that love is indeed in the air. The rich, full and refreshing taste, the airy texture and the passionate color of Cupid Manor will surely make your girlfriend, wife or mistress happy, no matter if it’s her birthday, Valentine’s Day or if you only want to make an ordinary evening special.

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