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DELL is always famous for introducing appealing-look laptops or tablets to keep pace with contemporary world. In case of external appearance, Dell’s creativity is the best among all the computer manufacturers. Recently, DELL has brought a classic-look tablet – XPS 10 Tablet – in the computer markets with too many exciting and exclusive features at an affordable rate for ordinary customers. The tablet-lovers will really like the physical appearance and exclusive features of XPS 10 Tablet.





XPS 10 Tablet has multi-touch feature with Windows RT as well as AT&T 4G LTE mobile broadband. You can enjoy full-day amusement with this tablet having battery life of more than 18 hours.

You’ll definitely have maximum Windows experience for the feature of multi-touch display and it’s so simple to switch from your favorite apps to favorite games. This tablet is really suitable for carrying with you; it doesn’t matter wherever you move due to its light weight and slender size. You can enjoy your Skype calls with this tablet’s front and rare camera, and while watching movies, you’ll definitely have real world experience with its HD display.


Multiple tasks can be done simultaneously with XPS 10 Tablet. You can enjoy movies and boot up dual-core Qualcomm processor at the same time. Due to having microSD port in this tablet, you’ve got the chance to enjoy unlimited memory virtually. You can work with this tablet in any environment as its drivers support most of the printers, monitors and mice.


Another vital feature of XPS 10 Tablet is its built-in security by which your system, files and important information are nicely protected wherever you surf.