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Ever since Toshiba launched the world’s first laptop targeted at the mass market, the Toshiba T110 way back in 1985, there has been a constant effort of the computer manufacturers to create a mobile computer that will have ALL the specifications and user friendliness of a desktop computer. As all laptop users surely know by now, these attempts were mostly futile – there have been splendid laptop computers produced over the years, but none could really replace a desktop computer. The great specifications often resulted in overheating, the screens were either too small or never really bright and clear enough as the desktop ones, not to mention the frequent power adapter failures after a longer use and painfully high sensitivity of the CD/DVD utilities.

Simply put, a laptop computer could be really great, but it was never really meant to be used for more than a couple of hours, specially not for gaming or any other more demanding activity. Well, it was something like that until  Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition came to the fore.

Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition

Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition – Design and Build Quality

Even the first look at Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition suggests that this is a serious, no-nonsense laptop computer and that the ‘Special Edition’ moniker is there for a reason. This is a high-quality, sturdy piece of hardware that is in fact a desktop computer that only happens to be mobile so you can take it on the road with you. Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition laptop is designed to spend most of the time on your desk, as its weight of 7.23 lbs is not really something you can carry around like your smartphone.

The build quality is exceptional – with its black anodised aluminium cover and palm rest it not only looks manly and elegant, it also feels so. The Scrabble-tile keyboard is well spaced, ergonomic and really easy and pleasant to type on. There is also a backlit option available for those who like their keys to light up in the darker environments, which is, of course, a feature of the expensive, premium gaming desktop keyboards.

Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition – Closed


The specs of Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition are truly impressive – the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM processor with 6MB cache memory and the CPU speed of 3.4Ghz is fast and powerful enough for anything you may ever do on a computer. This is further supported by 8GB2 Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM memory at 1600MHz, a truly powerful combination of RAM memory and speed. The graphic card NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M GDDR5 2GB will make your games and movies run smoothly on a brilliant, huge 17.3″ 3D Full High Definition (1080p) LED Display with Truelife technology. Displays have always been the trickiest parts of laptop computers, but this one is really great – the picture is bright, clear and completely viewable from all angles. It is great both for the text work and the multimedia.

Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition comes with 1TB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive, but there is a slot for another hard drive, so you can expand the already big memory capacity. There is also a Blu-ray Disc Combo Drive that can read the latest Blu Ray discs and burn your data backup DVDs. The laptop comes with Windows 8, 64-bit version and  Cyberlink Power DVD 9.6 player for the ultimate multimedia experience.

Oh, lest we forget, there are also integrated 3 Skullcandy speakers – a mobile 2.1 speaker setup with a subwoofer, in case you want to enjoy your movies and music with your home Hi-Fi turned off.


If you are a PC user who has some really serious work to do (or some pretty demanding games to play) and requires the power of a desktop computer that can also be mobile, don’t look any further. This is a great machine with a great price value – depending on the version and optional accessories, Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition can be yours for  under  $1400.


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