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Emmy Rossum’s second album “Sentimental Journey” has just been released worldwide, featuring thirteen cover versions of Emmy’s favourite classic tracks from first half of the 20th century. The wonderful photos shot by Sam Jones for the album cover feature Emmy Rossum in vintage clothes and settings. Enjoy.

(Images via Emmy Rossum)

a sepia photo of a dark haired woman

Emmy Rossum – Sepia Portrait

a dark eyed woman holding a butterfly

Emmy Rossum and a Butterfly

a dark haired woman with butterflies

Emmy Rossum and Butterflies

silhouette of a woman

Emmy Rossum Silhouette

a dark haired woman holding a mirror

Emmy Rossum with a Mirror

a young woman with lace over her face

Emmy Rossum Portrait

a dark haired woman on the beach holding a parasol

Emmy Rossum holding a Parasol

a dark haired woman in a ballet dancer dress

Emmy Rossum in a White Dress

a dark haired woman in a wedding dress

Emmy Rossum in a Wedding Dress

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