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When you go travelling you usually worry about the cost of such things as hotel accommodation and transport. But the standard of living in certain countries can play a major role in your holiday budget plans. For example, if you are a beer man and you plan to have several too many every day while on holiday, the price tag of about $7 per drink can play a big role in your plans. Smoking in many countries is even more expensive, and most smokers are reluctant to put their addiction on hold for a fortnight. This might make them a bit cranky and holiday is no time to be cranky.

Pile of US money in cash

These can vanish surprisingly fast in some cities in the World

Petrol prices should be high up on your list if you’re planning to drive somewhere or hire a car, since wonderful scenery and open borders in some wonderful European countries can easily up the mileage. After all, it is really hard to resist the temptation to visit, for example, Germany, France, Italy and Spain all during the same holiday when they are all relatively close. But the fact that in these countries petrol can be as much as three times more expensive than in the US might play a big role in your decision to drive through their amazing sceneries.
So, here are some countries in which small things can add cost to your travel.



Yeah, you probably didn’t see this one coming. Sydney is really expensive for anyone and the hotel prices are constantly rising in all the big cities. Average accommodation prices can easily go past $150 a night, beer in bars can cost about $6 and restaurants are expensive as well. And the problem is that the prices are constantly rising. For example, Brisbane turned out to be more expensive than Barbados, the USA and Singapore in 2012 when it comes to the total cost of eight travel consumer items. Still, if you are a bit more on the adventure side, you can look for accommodation outside hotels, and this would probably be a lot cheaper.

Aerial view of Sydney Opera

Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world

Moscow, RUSSIA

Moscow is really expensive when it comes to hotels. Average price of accommodation is more than $200 a night and it i the second highest in the world. Huge numbers of millionaires live in remote parts of this vast and beautiful country, so this is not really a surprise. On the bright side, most other things are cheaper than in other countries on the list. Especially vodka. So, the hotel prices can turn out to be worth it. Cheers!

aerial view of Moscow at night

Beautiful Moscow with expensive hotels and cheap vodka

Venice, ITALY

I don’t think anyone is surprised by this. Amazing historical sites and loads of sea make this lovely European country a very popular destination and the Italians really do take advantage of this. Everything can turn out to be expensive, depending on the place. For example, a cup of coffee on St Mark’s Square in Venice can cost even more than $15. Still, this is an exclusive place, so you can also find a lot cheaper coffee. Average accommodation goes up to more than $150 a night, while petrol and even a simple insect repellent can turn out to be surprisingly expensive.

Coffee in a square in Venice

St Mark’s Square in Venice has very expensive coffee

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