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In our previous article about the places where you can find loads of sharks and maybe even go for a dip we told you about Gansbaai, Kosi Bay and New Smyrna. Now, for all you who don’t live close to those three places, but still have the need to spend time close to those huge killing machines, we continue our countdown. If you are an adrenaline junkie and a nature fan these are the places for you.


West End, Grand Bahamas

Now, the entire Caribbean region is known for pirates and, together with pirates, you must have sharks, right? West End is not very famous for fatal shark attacks, but there is a reason for this. Apparently, the most aggressive shark, the Tiger Shark, is so present here that there is actually a beach named after it. “Tiger Beach” is the place where you can see many other kinds of this predator, such as blacktip sharks, bull sharks and attractively looking hammerheads, but it is obvious which kind gets the most attention, mostly due to its blood-thirsty nature. Cage diving is very popular here, since your cage is bound to get attacked by hungry and aggressive tiger sharks. When you see a huge, hungry shark approaching at high speed and then ramming the cage just several inches away from you, your adrenaline level is sure to hit the roof.

Aerial view of a beach in the Bahamas

Bahamas are lovely and if you are afraid of sharks, you can use swimming pools

Reunion Island

This French island is in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. The entire island is very beautiful – with its waterfalls, landscapes and beaches – and worth visiting even if you are not there for sharks. Also, some would be surprised to see this small island on the list, since, when you look at the number of shark attacks in the last couple of years, it seems that Reunion Island is a relatively safe place. Well, no. The numbers are small – in the past three decades there has been less than one attack a year on average – but if you take a look at the small numbers of swimmers and surfers here, you realize how dangerous this place is. It turns out that you are much more likely to get attacked here, than at some other more infamous places. The waters are full of bull and tiger sharks that are known to be among the most aggressive kinds along with the great white.

view of the beach at Reunion Island

Reunion Island – beautiful and dangerous

Bondi Beach, Australia

Now we come to the place for whose surfing or diving inhabitants it is normal to have been attacked by a shark. Eastern coastline of Australia has some of the highest numbers of shark attacks in the world, and this beach actually has protective nets installed to keep the sharks away. Still, recent attacks have shown that the people who come here for a swim or a surf are not very careful. Bull sharks are very present here and they are known to target humans as their prey which is not very common among sharks.

surfer riding a big wave at Bondi beach

Bondi Beach is great for surfing, but also very famous for shark attacks



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