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Sharks have been a fascination for the humans for a long time. Many real-life stories, movies and pictures of close encounters put the fear of sharks deep in our bones. Still, statistics show that you are highly unlikely to get attacked by a shark. The International Shark Attack File (yes, there is actually such thing) gave us the information that more people die from bees and wasps than from shark attacks. Still, these statistics might have a bit of a flaw. Apparently, if someone tells you that there are sharks in the water, you will probably not go for a swim. And we don’t move every time we see a bee, right? Some places even have a helicopter service that tracks the sharks in the area and informs the tourists where not to go. I have the feeling that bees don’t get that much attention, even though the statistics underpin their “deadly” nature. So, forget the statistics, I’m still scared.

Shark hunting

Shark in process of catching its prey

On the other hand, there are numerous pictures and videos of people swimming with sharks and even touching them without getting eaten. But, that rarely diminishes our fear and fascination. In fact, the notion that we don’t know if they’ll attack us or simply ignore us adds to the interest.

Man on paddle surf with a shark in the water

It looks scary to you; you look like dinner to it

Now, this turned out to be a great opportunity for tourism. Secured cages put inside shark infested waters are not a new idea. They put you inches away from huge water predators that often charge the cage you’re in hitting it very hard and threatening you with their razor sharp teeth. Still, you are pretty safe, though your heart is usually pumping like crazy. After a while, this wasn’t enough for the real adrenaline junkies, and swimming in those same waters became the new thing giving the opportunity for tourism even to the places that scared the regular tourists away. So, here we give you a rundown of the beaches that have these predators in the water. The list is great for everyone, since, based on the fact that you either like the adrenaline rush or fear the jaws, you can know where to go, or run away from.

Gansbaai, South Africa

The place is actually called Shark Alley. And they have the Great White Sharks there in the biggest numbers in the world, which are one of the most feared ones. People come here specifically for the sharks. There are several opportunities for enjoying this place, ranging from going down in the already mentioned cage surrounded by prey lured sharks to just watching them hunt and feast on seals from the deck of a boat.

great white shark with an open mouth

The great white shark

Kosi Bay, South Africa

Again South Africa. This place is infested with Zambezi or Bull Sharks that can swim in freshwaters as well. They are also known for being the most aggressive. So, aggressive and in lakes and rivers as well. Scary stuff. Kosi Bay has lovely scenery, but I would be scanning waters for fins if I were there and watching the landscape from the land.

Zambezi or Bull shark swimming underwater hunting

Zambezi or Bull shark in hunting mode

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

This place does not have the most aggressive sharks, but loads of tiger, spinner and blacktip sharks put together with loads of swimmers and surfers make this place the world capital of shark attacks with the highest number of attacks. To be honest, most of the attacks here are accidental because these sharks rarely consider humans their legitimate targets and only attack when they mistake them for turtles or other prey they usually hunt for, but that is not much of a consolation for the victims. Another great story you could take from this place is the fact that most encounters with sharks here end up being just accidental bumps without any other problems. “Hey, man, yesterday I was swimming and I bumped into a shark. It just looked at me and went away, that’s how bad ass I am”.

Shark swimming underwater side view

Tiger shark. I would hate bumping into it

The list of the most shark infested beaches will continue, so stay tuned.


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