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How many times have you seen a sad girl stuffing her face with ice-cream or some fat filled meaty food? We do it as well, don’t we? It’s just that we get some liquor and get wasted as well so the focus remains on this, but it’s not really true that we become vegans after, let’s say, being dumped. We tend to stick to this. And, those things may make us feel good at that moment, but it will be kind of hard to start feeling better if we gain loads of weight. So let’s see how to enjoy feel-good food with a slight change in ingredients. This is the way to indulge yourself, and stay healthy. Great!


Sad or not, we like it. But, using turkey or chicken instead of beef makes it healthier. And they taste great, don’t they? If you need a bit more flavor, just add seasonings. Just a change in meat will cut the count of saturated fat by 50%.

Image of Meatloaf

“Don’t tell me it doesn’t look great”


But with whole grains, soy milk and blueberries. Sweet, moisty, delicious and healthy.

Blueberry pancakes on a white plate

Blueberry Pancakes – Yum!


Club Sandwich

Use turkey bacon instead of beef, roasted garlic and spread with white beans instead of mayo, and this will be a delicious club sandwich. Not a compromise, but a great food you will love.

Club Sandwich on a plate

Club Sandwich never gets boring



But with turkey instead of ham and beautiful gorgonzola cheese, the smell of which will be enough to make you try it. To complete it use tomatoes, pears (great with gorgonzola), and caramelized onions. All these together will make you want it even when it’s not healthy food you are after.

Closeup of a turkey pizza

“Looks great, right?”


Just with lean meat. This shouldn’t be too much of a taste changer. Also, for additional flavor add oregano and pepper. Aaaaand, the most important thing-guacamole. This will replace cheese and it’s tasty and healthy.

Beef Taco on a white plate

Mexican night idea with Beef Tacos!


Barbecue Chicken

In a sandwich, of course. Lean chicken meat from barbecue is of great taste and not fatty, but it’s usually very dry. So moist it with low fat sour cream, and onions put on that same barbecue in a pan with a bit of olive oil. The heated onions in olive oil are a great thing and they add a lot of flavor. A whole wheat bun would add up to sheer health in this delicious sandwich.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich on a white plate

BBQ Chicken Sandwich



So, if you haven’t noticed, you can make almost any of your favorite foods healthier by changing the fatty beef with lean one, or even turkey or chicken, and replacing the high-calorie sauces with other seasonings. Try these and experiment with your food. This just might become a delicious hobby to help you forget the reason you were unhappy in the first place.

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