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You must know how important feeling happy is. And I mean really happy, not just smiling around while feeling terrible inside. In fact, this is even worse, since your dissatisfaction piles up and seriously impairs your general mood. If you care for your health you should be as objective as possible and realize when you need some help to boost your happiness level. These are the tricks that you can use to really help yourself with depression, whatever the reason is.

A Happy Man

Go back to happy memories, but only the ones you can see, such as pictures from holidays. Remembering the good days can really improve your situation and act as an injection of optimism. And don’t do this with the pictures you see every day, since you need a change, so run through the old and forgotten ones. This can also bring back to your memory the people you have forgotten all about and getting back in touch with them through the internet is easier than ever.

Do something nice for someone else. Help someone or volunteer. Seeing gratitude on their faces really helps, and you feel like you matter again. People who are involved in humanitarian work are usually a well-spirited bunch and spending time with those is a great thing.

 Spend money on experiences that will create future happy memories. Sure that buying a gadget that you like will make you feel happy for a moment, but even with it in your hands you will feel lonely after a while. We are social beings and great concerts and travels will do much more for our happiness than a new GPS.

A Happy Pair on a Beach

Don’t be in the dark. After a while of depressive lying in bed in a dark room you should realize that it doesn’t really help. Lighten up. Get out as much as possible, and even when you are indoors, open the curtains.

A Bright Room

Put your mind on something you like. Sports you enjoy, hobbies, music, films, parties and books help greatly. If it’s films, pick the upspiriting ones, if it’s music use headphones for better feel, if it’s books take some that will keep you occupied, that you can’t put down, maybe a bestseller regardless of whether you generally like them or not, and definitely skip the ones about conspiracy theories, since they might make you feel that you have no control over anything and you don’t want that.

Man reading newspaper

Exercise! You must have known this one already. In short, the levels of happy hormones will rise, you will feel better, more relaxed and confident and ready to tackle your problems, not to mention that you will look better, and that always helps.

A Man Exercising

Kiss. It will boost the levels of dopamine making you naturally (and legally) high. Also it lowers the levels of bad cholesterol. But, most of all, it’s fun. And nice. And can lead to more stress removing activities. So, kiss.

And sing. Let yourself out, and do it loudly. This has many good effects on health and happiness. Still, if you are not very good at it, people’s reactions to your glass-breaking pitches might not be very good for your confidence, but you can still do it in the showers. It’s an isolated, private and very acoustic place, and we all do it, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed if anyone would hear you.

Man with the Air Guitar