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The Ferraris are special for the mere fact that they come from the praised Maranello’s factory, but some go up the notch even further. Ferrari 458 Spider is one of them. It marks the beginning of the new V8 era for Ferrari and, having the California model at the same time (as a bit more conservative and mainstream model) allows the 458 Spider to be as shiny as possible. For example, the 458 was the only convertible with mid-engine setup and a folding metal roof. Real drivers should know that this is not just prestige, but also a very practical advantage. Let’s have a look at it.

red Ferrari 458 Spider front side aerial view

Ferrari 458 Spider


Aerodynamics. This was the main leading point when it came to the design of the Ferrari 458 Spider. Air intakes are very cleverly placed to do what they do best, but they also help the car look great. For example, there are 6 air vents on the engine cover and they seem subtle, but present enough. Still, much of it was left hidden for the sheer practicality such as the air intakes that feed the engine bay. This is a Ferrari, after all. These are placed under the car and they also increase the downforce of this racer

Red Ferrari in motion on the highway

Ferrari 458 Spider in motion

The front remained unchanged for this convertible version. There aren’t many different elements, but everything seems more than sufficient. The elevated parts with the headlights fold down right behind the wheels to leave space for the rounded windshield.

White Convertible Ferrari in motion

White Ferrari 458 Spider – Front-side view

The back starts with the buttresses right behind the cabin. These serve as roll bars, they reduce the turbulence and guide the air towards the rear intakes. We told you this car is beautiful and practical due to the same features. There is no wing at the back as well as the glass engine cover, since its place is taken by the folding roof.

Red Ferrari Spider view from the side

Ferrari 458 Spider side view

From the side it looks like a targa model, due to the buttresses but it does offer a lot more open air space. The engine compartment seems very large and it really draws attention. You know that something serious is in there. All these things make the Ferrari 458 Spider look seriously aggressive. Right from the start you know this is a dangerous car.


God damn, this is a race car. It’s not cluttered with unnecessary elements and the central console might seem pretty Spartan, but it’s not. There are even some cupholders and a storage compartment. The visibility is great and the dashboard is very original. At first you might find it complicated, but very soon you’ll see that it’s not. The focal point of the instrument cluster is the REV counter and there are two smaller displays around it and the right one can be used for navigation as well.

RPM gauge of a Ferrari

Ferrari 458 Spider instrument cluster

The steering wheel might be the one tiny downside of this car and just for some. There are simply too many controls on it, the weirdest one being the turn signals, especially when your steering wheel is turned upside down. The horn is also there, as well as the engine start button, the suspension mode control button and the stability and traction switch, the wipers and the beam controls. To be honest, these will probably become great features once you do get used to them, since there are so many things at one place, but it is cluttered.

Interior view of a Ferrari Spider

Ferrari 458 Spider interior


The engine is a 4.499 l V8 unit with a 7-speed transmission with dual-clutch and it produces 570 hp at screaming 9,000 RPM and 398 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm. The traction is RWD, of course. There are so many tech features that we could mention, but the limited space will only allow us to heat up your imagination by telling you that this car needs only 3.4 seconds to reach 60 mph and the top speed is said to be 199 mph. The stated combined fuel consumption is said to be 20 mpg, which does seem great, but this car has so many options that you can use to reduce its consumption and still enjoy driving it. Still, we believe that not many people will go soft on the acceleration pedal to save fuel in this car.


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