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Recently NBA has decided to try and put a stop to flopping in basketball. Flopping is an American expression for when a player attempts to deceive the referee and convince him that the opposing player has committed a foul, when there in fact hasn’t been one. Football already punishes simulators.  Yellow card is the least you can get when your acting skills are not good enough, but, since the sport itself is a lot more aggressive than basketball, it is often difficult to see who is lying, and who is seriously injured.

Still, even though football is very fast and aggressive, and floppers are still an exception, in the USA the sport has a reputation of being full of simulators. Much smaller results where one penalty or goal can usually decide the match put the highlight on these simulating actions.

The discussion about this is something that is very present and big in today’s football, but we are not here for that. We are here for fun. Basically, simulators are fully grown men who pretend to be injured like small children who crave for everyone’s attention. Their actions are usually spotted during the match and they generate a lot of laughter and booing in the stands. 40,000 people laughing at you should put you off things like diving, but some people are just shameless. For example, these guys

Even the older ones are not immune to these games. After a few words German club Duisburg’s manager Meier hit the opposing player with his head, and pretended that he got the hit. He was later suspended and punished for his behavior. The funny thing is that even the player himself pretended he got injured.

Or Lafferty, being quite shameless in this one

Still, this comes to a person. For example, the world’s best player currently Lionel Messi is very well known NOT to dive, even though he is often the victim of very aggressive plays, which is something you could not say for some of his teammates. Luis Suarez, a Liverpool player, on the other hand, is known for dirty moves. This is just one of them.

One of the funniest ones has to be this one. This guy is an Italian player Gilardino whose dive is one of the most famous ones.

Alessandro Del Piero, one of the best players in the game clearly showed what he thought of the divers here.

For the end, here we have a compilation if them to put a smile on your face.

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