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The most famous beer in Ireland is actually one of the country’s most famous features. Since the first time it was brewed, back in 1759, it has been one of the things you have to try if you end up in Dublin, Ireland. And the smart Irish have used this perfect blend of ingredients to build a huge tourist hype around it. Guinness is one of the most famous beers in the world, and definitely the one that takes the cake in Ireland.

Guinness Beer

Guinness Beer

Why is Guinness special?

When it is poured, superfluous gasses are eliminated and this helps the beer lose much of its carbonation leaving nitrogen flowing in bubbles that form thick foam which is known to last much longer than that of the other beers. Also, the pouring process is said to make a lot of difference. The proper way to pour it takes about two minutes and it will leave your beer with the perfect taste. That is why the beer in Dublin has the best taste, they say. We don’t know if this is the reason, but the entire tour around the factory is organized to make you have loads of fun and eagerly anticipate the pint that comes in the end. And then it is perfect. Here are the best places to drink it.

Guinness on tap

Guinness is usually surrounded by happy faces

Gravity Bar, Guinness Storehouse

It should damn well be best here, since it is in the factory. It is on the top floor. Here you can learn from their bartenders how to pour a perfect pint yourself. After that you can enjoy the drink while gazing at Dublin through the huge windows that give you a full-circle view of the city. Perfect end of a perfect tour.

Gravity Bar Dublin

Gravity Bar in Dublin

The Palace Bar

The Palace Bar has a glorious history. The Fleet Street joint has been pouring this beer since 1843, but it is not your regular shoddy alcohol pouring place. It has been the unofficial headquarters for the Tipperary hurling team and the upper part is filled with jerseys and photographs. Also, in the first part of the previous century the guy who ran the place was R. M. Smiley, the editor of The Irish Times, so The Palace Bar was the place where many famous writers, including James Joyce and Flann O’Brien, gathered.

Palace Bar in Dublin

Palace Bar in Dublin

Anseo Pub

Anseo Pub is usually not filed with tourists, since it is not a regular Irish pub. The music is not traditional and this place lacks that Irish charm, but it is the place that is very popular with the local youngsters that are into arts and music. Here you can enjoy the bands that play blues and jazz, so if this suits you, this is the place to visit.

Anseo Pub Dublin

Anseo Pub in Dublin

The Brazen Head

One of the most interesting pubs in Dublin. It is said that it dates back to 1198 and this is the best place to visit if you wish to feel the traditional side of Irish pubs. Many famous people are often seen at The Brazen Head and numerous Dublin musicians often perform here. You can also try out your own singing abilities on Sundays when you can take part into a kind of an Irish karaoke party.

The Brazen Head Pub in Dublin

The Brazen Head Pub in Dublin

The Hole in the Wall Pub

A great place. It is very long, almost 100 yards, and a bit out of the city centre so it is a perfect place to meet the locals and not mingle with loads of tourists. In addition, it is very close to Phoenix Park so it is the best place to pop around for a drink after a nice walk.

The Hole in the Wall, Dublin

The Hole in the Wall, Dublin

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