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Let’s face it. We like meat. We love it. Almost every widely accepted kind of food has meat in it, usually as the most important ingredient and sometimes as the only one. On the other hand, obesity, however scary and important, isn’t even close to being lonely on the list of the problems that consuming meat carries. So, drowning your face in meat every day is not a good thing, but on the other hand, cutting it out of your diet completely is pretty radical. Meat does have its health benefits, and it tastes sooooo damn good. So, let’s see what you can do to compromise.



Not the country, the animal. Turkey is actually surprisingly healthy and it is mostly white meat. The taste is great as well, as you probably know, so the country-named bird should be really high up on your list when it comes to eating meat. When it comes to numbers, you should know that one serving of roasted turkey meat weighing about 5 oz has just about 0.25 oz of fat. The bad news is that this number rises if it is not skinless.

Whole roasted turkey

Turkey meat is very healthy and tasty

We feel that we should address another myth surrounding turkey meat. You know that time after a nice Thanksgiving lunch when you feel a bit sleepy? Well, that feeling is usually attributed to turkey meat due to the tryptophan in it. The truth is that tryptophan does make you sleepy, but the amounts of it in turkey are far from enough to even make you yawn a lot. The real reason for this is the size of your feast for this holiday and alcohol you usually drink, as well as the pleasant family atmosphere. So, stop blaming the big bird and start enjoying yourself.


The swimming meat is great and healthy as well. Also, the omega-3 acids in it are known to be very healthy for numerous reasons. Fish meat reduces the risks of heart disease and colon cancer. On the other hand, some of them contain mercury, and it is a poison to humans. Just to be safe, don’t eat large fish-eating fish (like sharks and tuna) in large quantities, since they are known to contain a lot more mercury than smaller fish. It is also very well known that the people who live in the countries that have loads of fish in their diet are a lot healthier than the people who devour hamburgers.

Different types of sushi

There are many different kinds of fish, so take your pick. You will like something.


Hold your horses, deep fried is still not good. And, just like the turkey, it should be skinned. But this is the end of limitations concerning the consumption of chicken. It is white meat, which is healthier than red, it tastes great, it can be mixed with various spices since it takes in flavors really well, it’s packed with proteins and not as expensive as most of the other kinds of meat. There are also thousands of ways you can prepare it and all of them result in something really tasty. Eat chicken, people. Simple as that.

Whole roasted chicken surrounded by roasted vegetables

There are many ways of preparing chicken and mixing it with your favorite flavors


“The other white meat”, they say. Ok, but it should be a chop, for example, and it should be as lean as possible. Pork can be relatively lean, but usually fish or chicken would be a far better choice. When you eat pork chops, you should try to trim the fat before eating.

baked marinated pork ribs

Pork is not white meat, but it is a great alternative to red meat

Generally speaking, too much of anything is bad. Whichever your choice may be, eat moderate amounts and balance your diet with corresponding amounts of meat, fruit and vegetables. On the other hand, cutting out meat completely will probably reduce the amount of fat you take in, but the proteins will be lacking as well. Remember, good, balanced diet has everything in small amounts.